Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A little late, nevertheless...

Today (okay, well yesterday. But I tackled the task on tuesday, so it counts, no? ;) ) is
Tackle It Tuesday Meme

And my task I wanted to do for a long time was to clean up my balcony. For your information: I live in a flat with two male friends of mine, who both are not overly tidy. So every part of the flat that does not need to be cleaned properly, like bathroom or kitchen, tends to be overlooked. See the result of one year of not cleaning (but using) the balcony:

Everything is standing around, there is mold everywhere, dead plants bring bad karma and the furniture has also seen better days... Also notice the second, no longer usable barbecue, which broke a leg last summer... Oops!

Now it looks a little cleaner: I swept the floor, washed table and chairs, trashed the dead plants and stacked everything that is still usable on one side. Next week I will start decorating!

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