Friday, June 30, 2017

Week in Review 28/2017

What did I see?
I have not yet watched the movie "Nightbreed Chronicles" by Clive Barker, but the description and the character design look intriguing! Mutated people who have special abilities trying to escape a psychopathis serial killer? By the maker of Hellraiser? Count me in! I just ordered the movie for a nice horror night!

What did I listen to?
Nothing specific, just general radio

What did I ask myself?
If I spend all my weekends having fun, who will sew my fancy dresses?

What did I read?
Finnished the "Finishing School" series by Gail Carriger and love it! Go and read it already if you like Steampunk and Victorian Manners! I also read "Ink" by Alice Broadway, a book in a parallel world where people get tattooed all important happenings in their life. Being a "blank" (i.e. untattoed) is considered sketchy and bad. A really interesting take on modern supervision and a strange dystopian world. I liked it although the ending is a bit... short. Thanks to Sabrina for the recommendation!

What did I work on?
Again nothing. But I will have to, the next festival is coming (Amphi)!

I was happy about...
Rain. And cooler weather.

I was annoyed about...
Cat hair in inaprorpriate places. These d*mn buggers get everywhere!

I bought...
A nail polish and make up brushes.

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