Friday, May 19, 2017

Week in Review 22/2017

What did I see?
As everyone and their mom do love kitty pictures on the internet, I have some that I found on the internet. Elda Zakirov made classical potraits of cats resembling higher ups in military and general public for his series "The Hermitage's Court Cats". I love the cool portraits, I wish my cats would dress up like that! Unfortuntely, they'd never do that. Not even for tuna, I think!

What did I listen to?
Aurelio Voltaire - God thinks I saw him yesterday in Frankfurt and he was such a nice and funny person. Would love to see him on WGT next year as he promised!

What did I ask myself?
So how can I make that leather jacket? I have a pattern but sewing pleather is no fun!

What did I read?
All of the Parasol Protectorate is read.Lovely and with a great ending! Now I'm up to the Misfortunes of the Baudelaires in "A Series of unfortunate Events" by Lemony Snicket. I wanted to read the books before watching the Netflix series! 

What did I work on?
Today I have a day off and started making a mockup for the jacket.

I was happy about...
Seeing Aurelio Voltaire live yesterday on a whim. Although I had to go alone I had a blast!

I was annoyed about...
What's up with the weather? Sunshine and heat, now cold and rainy. Please decide what you want!

I bought...
More fabric (for my boyfriend and a colleague) and sewing notions. Today on the Dutch fabric market in Mannheim!


Frau von Nachtschatten said...

Ich liebe solche Bilder! ♥ (Aber leider darf sowas bei mir Zuhause nicht einziehen... Mein Mann hat sein Veto eingelegt.)
In letzter Zeit habe ich auch mal wieder Voltaire gehört und wünschte, ich hätte mehr von ihm.

Insomniac's Attic said...

You saw Voltaire! Kind of a life goal of mine, but I doubt he'll ever play anywhere near me. Glad you decided to go at the last minute. :)

MindLess said...

@ Frau von Nachtschatten: Ja, in Beziehungen muss man immer Kompromisse eingehen. Wenn ich allein wohnen würde, sähe es hier auch anders aus. Aber es gäbe auch viel weniger Streicheleinheiten!

@ Insomniac's attic: Yes! And he was just as nice as you would imagine! He hugged me before I ran for my train and was really approachable all night!