Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in Review

On a scale of 1 to 10: How was your year?
I'd say 8. Globally a 2, but for me and my family and friends not too bad!

Lost or gained weight?
Stayed the same although I intended to lose some

Hair longer or shorter?
Longer. I can't really remember when I last visited a coiffour?

More nearsighted or farsighted?
My values stayed the same, but my corneal irregularities (I had to check that in the dictionary, not a word you learn in school) have grown.

More money or less?
More. Which is good!

Spent more or less?
More or less the same.

Most stupid plan?
Going to Iceland on a whim.

Most dangerous deed?
Trying to climb the highest waterfall in Iceland in normal boots. With acrophobia. I know I'm stupid!

Most expensive buy?
The new flat - which isn't bought but rented. But the move cost and arm and a leg!

Most delicious food?
Oh we had a bunch of that. Grilled steaks on a friends balcony? Wild duck in Iceland? Christmas cookies by my mum? All the stuff my boyfriend cooks?

Most impressive book?
The girl with all the gifts? The stars my destination? Definitively not the new Harry Potter book!

Most touching movie?
Hmm. I'm not into movies so much. But for series, I think it was Jessica Jones!

Best series?
Oh, okay; this goes here: Jessica Jones!

Best CD?
Die Kammer - Solace in Insanity

Best concert?
X-RX on Amphi

Most time spend with...?
Thinking and work. But that will change now that my boyfriend lives with me again!

Best time spend with...?
My boyfriend. He's amazing!

Predominant feeling in 2016?
I'm not gonna eat into that fear they want to promote. Neither terrorists nor politicians.

Done for the first time in 2016?
Hired acompany for my move
Went to Iceland
Went to London with my boyfriend (his first time in London)
Held a talk for real actual money
Stood underneath a waterfall

 photo IMG_0371 klein_zpslvpytd6h.jpg

Done again in 2016 after a long time?
Rode a horse
Ate meat
Traveled on my own

Three things I could have missed?
I was more sick than the last years. Have a long distance relationship for most of the year. Organizing a move.

Most important thing I wanted to convince somebody off?
"This flat is amazing, move in without ever seeing it before!"

Best present I gave away tis year?
I don't know. I think my uncle loves my cookies a lot! ^^

Best present someone gave to me?
"Of course I will move in again with you, even if I never saw the flat!"

Best sentence someone said to me?
I love you

Best sentence I said to someone?
I love you.

Better job or worse?
Still the same as last year. Still love it!

Did you win something this year? If yes, what did you win?
Nothing. But I also did not try my luck!

More fintess or less?
More or less the same. I lost some fitness due to spending my december sick and moving. But I'm back to the gym already!

How often were you sick?
At least three times which seems like a lot. Although it was only colds and nothing really bad.

Which was the worst sickness?
The one in October during my move. Boy, was that annoying!

Word of the year?
Gutmensch (humanist)

Non-word of the year?
besorgter Büger (right wing speach for people afraid of foreigners)

Blog of the year?
Oh, I read plenty of them. But the German blog "The Diary of Kitty Koma" stuck to my mind. She writes really deep entries in very poetical words!

Biggest wish for next year?
Making it past year 10. And then even longer!

2016 in one word...?


Lynoire said...

I loved your rewiev^^ I guess the things we do on a whim are the most fun tho'...;)

MindLess said...

@ Lynoire: YOu are absoloutely right - doing stuff spontaneously is the best!