Friday, September 16, 2016

Week in Review - 37/2016

What did I see?
Ya'll know how much I'm into handiworks and hand sewing? Well, I'm really tempted to do it once we moved. I simply love the creepy cute designs by TinyCup Needlework!

What did I listen to?
J. L Bourne - 2nd Diary of the Apocalypse. (German version) Both books are actually pretty good! Looking forward to the third diary!

What did I ask myself?
What became of no more shopping until the move?

What did I read?
Pittacus Lore "United as One", the last of the Lorien series. Good as always, both my boyfriend and me are fans of the series and enjoy the books about teenagers from outer space fighting on (and for) earth!

What did I work on?
Nothing, but I have good plans now!

I was happy about...
More kissing my boyfriend and spending time with friedns this weekend!

I was annoyed about...
My lazyness. Still I need to work on that. But I'll do!

I bought...
More fabric and the new German Version of Patrones, my old favourite Sewing pattern magazine!


Onychophora said...

Die gestickten Bilder sind wirklich schick.

Laura Morrigan said...

Amazing stitched art!

MindLess said...

@ Onychophora: Ja, oder? Ich finde ja diese gestickten Beleidigungen auch ziemlich lustig. Einen Stickrahmen habe ich mittlerweile, ich sollte mich einfach mal dransetzen und sehen wie weit ich komme!

@ Laura M: I wish I could stitch so perfectly!