Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 in Review

On a scale of 1 to 10: How was your year?
I'd say 8. Globally a 2, but for me and my family and friends not too bad!

Lost or gained weight?
Stayed the same although I intended to lose some

Hair longer or shorter?
Longer. I can't really remember when I last visited a coiffour?

More nearsighted or farsighted?
My values stayed the same, but my corneal irregularities (I had to check that in the dictionary, not a word you learn in school) have grown.

More money or less?
More. Which is good!

Spent more or less?
More or less the same.

Most stupid plan?
Going to Iceland on a whim.

Most dangerous deed?
Trying to climb the highest waterfall in Iceland in normal boots. With acrophobia. I know I'm stupid!

Most expensive buy?
The new flat - which isn't bought but rented. But the move cost and arm and a leg!

Most delicious food?
Oh we had a bunch of that. Grilled steaks on a friends balcony? Wild duck in Iceland? Christmas cookies by my mum? All the stuff my boyfriend cooks?

Most impressive book?
The girl with all the gifts? The stars my destination? Definitively not the new Harry Potter book!

Most touching movie?
Hmm. I'm not into movies so much. But for series, I think it was Jessica Jones!

Best series?
Oh, okay; this goes here: Jessica Jones!

Best CD?
Die Kammer - Solace in Insanity

Best concert?
X-RX on Amphi

Most time spend with...?
Thinking and work. But that will change now that my boyfriend lives with me again!

Best time spend with...?
My boyfriend. He's amazing!

Predominant feeling in 2016?
I'm not gonna eat into that fear they want to promote. Neither terrorists nor politicians.

Done for the first time in 2016?
Hired acompany for my move
Went to Iceland
Went to London with my boyfriend (his first time in London)
Held a talk for real actual money
Stood underneath a waterfall

 photo IMG_0371 klein_zpslvpytd6h.jpg

Done again in 2016 after a long time?
Rode a horse
Ate meat
Traveled on my own

Three things I could have missed?
I was more sick than the last years. Have a long distance relationship for most of the year. Organizing a move.

Most important thing I wanted to convince somebody off?
"This flat is amazing, move in without ever seeing it before!"

Best present I gave away tis year?
I don't know. I think my uncle loves my cookies a lot! ^^

Best present someone gave to me?
"Of course I will move in again with you, even if I never saw the flat!"

Best sentence someone said to me?
I love you

Best sentence I said to someone?
I love you.

Better job or worse?
Still the same as last year. Still love it!

Did you win something this year? If yes, what did you win?
Nothing. But I also did not try my luck!

More fintess or less?
More or less the same. I lost some fitness due to spending my december sick and moving. But I'm back to the gym already!

How often were you sick?
At least three times which seems like a lot. Although it was only colds and nothing really bad.

Which was the worst sickness?
The one in October during my move. Boy, was that annoying!

Word of the year?
Gutmensch (humanist)

Non-word of the year?
besorgter Büger (right wing speach for people afraid of foreigners)

Blog of the year?
Oh, I read plenty of them. But the German blog "The Diary of Kitty Koma" stuck to my mind. She writes really deep entries in very poetical words!

Biggest wish for next year?
Making it past year 10. And then even longer!

2016 in one word...?

Friday, December 30, 2016

Week in Review - 52/2016

What did I see?
Although we all have probably eaten our own weight in cookies, I cannot resist the amazing pictures by Matteo Stucci in I Dolci de Gulliver. Who would have thought that Sweets could make such amazing backgrounds for mini figures!?

What did I listen to?
Audio books. Mostly Harry Potter.

What did I ask myself?
How to organize my sewing space?

What did I read?
"The girl with all the gifts" by Mike Carey. A book about a special class of children during a zombie apocalypse. I really can't write anything else without spoilering heavily, but this book was given to me by my brother for my birthday and OMG - best gift ever! Seems like a movie has been made an will be in cinemas next year...

What did I work on?
Not much. I felt like being lazy

I was happy about...
Spending time with my family and having some days off

I was annoyed about...
So many people in the city! And why were only two of my three sewing shelves delivered on time?

I bought...
Cosmetics and care products from lush and gifts from Rituals. I always use the after Christmas sales to stock up on gifts for the rest of the year!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

2016 sewing in threes

Favourite 3 makes - die 3 Favoriten

Although it has been only made in November, I love the fractal dress! The ponte fabric is comfortable and warm, the print keeps it from being boring even if the sewing pattern is very easy. I wore it for a professional talk, for CHristmas and random days. Love it!

Obwohl das Fraktalkleid noch nicht besonders alt ist, ist es ganz oben auf meiner Topliste. Es trägt sich unglaublich bequem, der Pontestoff ist warm und kuschelig. Der Print macht den eigentlich etwas langweiligen Schnitt spannend. Ich habe es bei professionellen Auftritten getragen, an Weihnachten und einfach so im Alltag. Ich liebe es!

My fake jumpsuit of a Sorbetto top and Moji pants. Worn combined and seperate during the worst summer heat. The thin cotton fabric was perfect in summer and the polka dots are so much fun! Will wear this again next summer!

Mein falscher Jumpsuit aus einem Sorbetto Oberteil und einer Moji-Hose. Sowohl zusammen als auch getrennt im Sommer gerne getragen. Der Stoff ist super lustig und wer liebt keine Polkadots? Im Moment ist es zwar gut verstaut, aber es kommt im Sommer bestimmt wieder ans Tageslicht!

The pinstripe coat I sewed in April. It was way to warm to wear it by then, but currently, I wear it (almost) every day! It keeps me warm, looks stylish and the wool coating makes it surprisingly waterproof! Plus the pattern Simplicity 1254 looks fantastic although it was easy to sew.

Der Nadelstreifenmantel, den ich erst im April fertiggestellt habe. Es war schon viel zu warm für einen solchen Mantel aber jetzt im Herbst und Winter trage ich den Mantel fast täglich. Er ist warm und bequem, weit genug für Pullover und der Wollstoff ist erstaunlich wasserdicht. Außerdem ist das Schnittmuster Simplicity 1254 super effektvoll aber einfach zu nähen!

Least favourite 3 makes - die 3 Verlierer

The Morris blazer. I love the pattern and I love the fabric, but somehow I have problems combining it with the things in my wardrobe. Any ideas? Or should I just sew another one in a better fabric?

Der Morris Blazer. Was soll ich sagen? Ich liebe den Schnitt. Ich liebe den Stoff. Aber rigendwie passt er nicht zu meiner Gaderobe? Habt ihr vielleicht Kombinationsideen? Oder sollte ich den Schnitt nochmal mit einem anderen Stoff versuchen?

This Lady Skater dress was just a fabric fail. The cheap jersey bought on the fabric market broke apart in the wash. Pilling, holes and colour loss, it had it all... This will teach me to watch out for higher quality fabrics - next year when I can buy fabrics again!

Dieses Lady Skater Kleid war einfach nur ein Stoff-Fail. Der Jersey vom Stoffmarkt hat die Waschmaschine nicht überlebt. Nach 3 Wäschen hatte er Pilling, Löcher und war verwaschen. Yay - not! Der nächste Stoffkauf im November wird qualitativ hochwertiger!

The jumper dress from Knip / Fashion Style. I tried to love it. I have seen pretty creations on other seamstresses, but it was not meant to be. Maybe it was my false use of fabric, maybe I should have adapted the fabric better to my body. In the end, it was never worn!

What are your best and worst creations of 2016?

Der Latzrock aus der Knip / Fashion Style. Ich habe versucht ihn zu lieben. Ich habe tolle Modelle nach diesem Schnitt an anderen Frauen gesehen, aber es sollte nicht sein. Vielleicht war es der falsche Schnitt, vielleicht hätte ich den Rock besser an meine Figur anpassen sollen. Aber er ist kein einziges Mal getragen worden, draußen.

Was waren eure besten und schlechtesten Kreationen?

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Weihnachtskleid 2016 - late FINALE!

Christmas has long passed, but finally I can show you pictures of the finished Christmas dress! I would like to thank Dodo and Yvonne of Me Made Mittwoch fame, who organized this sew along and left the link tool open long enough for late people such as me!

Weihnachten ist gefühlt schon Ewigkeiten vorbei, aber ich habe endlich ein paar Bilder vom fertigen Weihnachtskleid für euch! Ich möchte an dieser Stelle Dodo und Yvonne herzlich danken, dass sie das Me Made Mittwoch Linktool für das Finale des Herzens so lange auflassen, dass auch so zu spät kommer wie ich noch eine Chance haben!

 photo Lene1klein_zpszpfzxkrx.jpg

 photo LeneBack2klein_zpsk2z87o1c.jpg

I had the dressed sewn and hemmed right in time, doing the last stitches on the evening of Wednesday, 21st 2016. I even did a beautiful hand sewn invisible zipper. Which turned out to be a huge problem when putting the dress on - my stitches were too loose and the zipper lost every bit of invisibility!

Ich hatte das Kleid am Abend des 21.12.2016 fertig genäht und gesäumt. Ich habe sogar den unsichtbaren Reißverschluß von Hand eingesetzt und er war wirklich unsichtbar! Nur als ich dann Fotos machen wollte, zeigte sich dass meine Handstiche viel zu lose waren und der Stoff um den Reißverschluß eine riesige Lücke bekan!

 photo IMG_7415_zpsqnb3zbvf.jpg

So I had to rip out the zipper and insert it again. And because sewing these buggers in with the sewing machine is not my greatest skill, I had to repeat that twice because the seams don't match. Still don't match perkectly, but the fabric doesn't bare much more seam ripper action. Well, it's not that visisble...

Ich habe also den Reißverschluß rausgetrennt und wieder eingesetzt. Und dann gleich nochmal, weil ich keine Begabung für unsichtbare Reißverschlüße habe und die Nähte nicht gepasst haben. Jetzt ist die Taillennaht immer noch nicht perfekt, aber ich glaube der Stoff zerreißt wenn ich ihm mit dem Nahttrenner nochmal zu nahe komme...

Seems like I have a New Years Eve dress rather that a Christmas dress now! But I can proudly say that I spent all days of Christmas in selfmade clothes (wearing the fractal dress and the vogue wrap dress). So thanks again for the lovely sew along!

Ich habe also wie schon prophezeit ein Silvester- statt ein zweites Weihnachtskleid. Aber immerhin hatte ich beide Weihnachtsfeiern selbstgenähte Kleider an (das Fraktalkleid und mein Vogue-Wickelkleid aus dem Sew Along) und will deswegen nochmal herzlich danke sagen für all die Tipps und netten Kommentare!

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Das Weihnachtskleid 2016 - Erstes Kleid fertig

Welcome to today's episode of the dreaded Christmas dress sew along! And prepare for some ugly truth. Because I had a flu for the whole week and am still recovering. Thus, the glamour shots were rather... unglamorous? At least I put on lipstick:

Willkommen zur heutige Episode des Me Made Mittwoch Weihnachtskleid Sew Alongs! Und es tut mir leid, dass die heutige Fotos echt nicht der Hammer sind. Ich bin seit einer Woche krank - und eigentlich immer noch nicht ganz fit. Immerhin hat es noch für Lippenstift gereicht:

 photo IMG_7404_zpstezlmdkm.jpg

  photo IMG_7405_zpsr56yufqc.jpg

 photo IMG_7406_zpstolksuph.jpg

 As you can see, I have finished one of the two Christmas dresses. Number two is still lacking the zipper and the hem, but I'm confident I can still finish it. And maybe look a little better in the pictures as well... Anyway, the dress is comfortable and fits great without any changes. You might have noticed (or not in the busy print) that I went with the collar.

Wie schon vorher beschrieben habe ich eins der beiden Weihnachtskleider fertig. Bei Nummer 2 fehlt noch der Reißverschluß und der Saum, aber das sollte ich eigentlich noch schaffen. Vielleicht sehe ich dann auf den Bildern auch mal wieder etwas besser aus. Das Vogue Wickelkleid sieht auf jeden Fall gut aus und passt sehr gut ohne Änderungen. Vielleicht habt ihr es schon bemerkt, ich habe den Kragen genäht. Auch wenn der im Print etwas untergeht.

 photo IMG_7409_zpseyzcp3um.jpg

I took the liberty to use a non-stretchy decorative stitch from my sewing maching for hemming. Might not be really invisible, but I think that the leaf pattern fits great to the print of the fabric. The stitch does not matter for the wide skirt, but I also used it around the sleeves and had no problems whatsoever.

Ich habe für den Saum an Ärmel und Rockteil einen nicht-stretchigen Stich an meiner Nähma genommen. Ich fand das Blättermuster toll zum Rosenprint. Bislang hatte ich noch keine Probleme weder am (weiten) Saum noch beim Ärmel. Ich kann also im Bezug auf den Sew Along sagen: 
"Fertig. Mit Kleid 1, 2 und 3. Jetzt kann ich noch ein Jäckchen stricken, eine passende Tasche nähen und die letzten Weihnachtskekse backen." und für ds zweite Kleid "Jetzt aber los. Die letzten Geschenke besorgen, das Weihnachtsmenü planen und natürlich noch das Kleid säumen."

 photo IMG_7407_zpsdinhby83.jpg

Friday, December 16, 2016

Week in Review 50- 2016

What did I see?
Now that the nights start early and the days get dark in the afternoon, DVerissimo's pictures of cut out silhouettes match my mood pretty well. And how awesome is it that you can buy a mug for hot chocolate or tea with your favourite motive?

What did I listen to?
A Harry Potter Audio Book on Youtube. Relaxing and good for sewing!

What did I ask myself?
Will the be cookies this year?

What did I read?
A lot of other blogs

What did I work on?
A dress, a skirt, 3 pullovers a blouse and a cardigan

I was happy about...
Having the week off of work

I was annoyed about...
Nothing. Good week!

I bought...
Yarn and buttons

Friday, December 9, 2016

Week in Review - 49/2016

What did I see?
Although Halloween this year was rather small in my flat and the next Halloween is still months to go,  Lewis Barret Lehrman captured the spirit so well in his pictures I might just take a look at them:

What did I listen to?
Culture shock USA - an Audiobook about cultural differences between US americans and Europeans (or more exactly Germans).

What did I ask myself?
Will I be fit enough for all the activities I planned this weekend?

What did I read?
"The stars my destination" by Alfred Bester. A great SciFi read about a man without much abilities and qualities who survives a airship crash and gives his all to get revenge on the spaceship crew who didn't save him. Really one of the books which deserves to stay in the SciFi top 20!

What did I work on?
Nothing. Getting healthy, maybe?

I was happy about...
Having next week off of work!

I was annoyed about...
Having to work longer hours to make next week really free.

I bought...
Nothing. A little food but that was that.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Das Weihnachtskleid 2016 - Probeteil? Sexy!

As you might have noticed, posting too much is not possible right now. I have a stressy time at work, want to spend time with my boyfriend, friends and family and - Surprise, surprise! - Christmas shopping and sewing take some time as well. Today I will show you my progress on one of the cristmas dresses. Please be prepared for "awesome" musselin pictures:

Wie ihr vielleicht gemerkt habt, war das Blogtempo zu viel für mich. Ich habe im Moment viel auf der Arbeit zu tun, mag meinen Freund ab und zu auch noch sehen und mein Leben 1.0 nicht vernachlässigen. Außerdem freue ich mich meine Zeit mit Freunden und Familie zu verbringen. Dann kommt noch Weihnachtsgeschenke-Shoppen und -Nähen dazu und - Bämm! - der Blog leidet. Tja. Heute zeige ich meinen Fortschritt am Weihnachtskleid. Achtung, die Bilder sind echt furchtbar. Aber egal, hier kommt das Probeteil:

 photo Folie2_zps4iuy5l8c.jpg

Right out of the magazine, the fit is pretty good. I will shorten the sleeves because I think the length slightly over the ellbow is neither flattering nor practical. The neckline is a bit low, there are still 1.5cm  seam allowance in this. Instead of using facings, I will line the top part. Much cleaner and less hustle!

Das Kleid sitzt so ohne Änderungen aus der Zeitung schon ganz gut. Was ich auf jeden Fall ändern will sind die Ärmel - ich finde diese Über-Ellenbogenlänge unpraktisch und mag Schlitze nicht so gern. Außerdem finde ich den Ausschnitt etwas tief, da müssten ja noch 1,5 cm weg! Verarbeitungstechnisch bin ich kein Freund von Belegen und werde daher füttern, zumindest das Oberteil.

 photo Folie1_zpslwtyjqpt.jpg

 The back on the other hand needs some work. I will shorten it 3cm and lower the upper neckline by 1.5cm. Also, I will need to find my zippers - I know I have some, but I don't know where! Like our Me Made Mittwoch moderator Dodo (of Dodo's beads fame), I'm kind of worried about my bra straps showing, so I will add bra guards as used in the 50s.

Der Rücken sieht leider nicht so toll aus. Hier sind die Schnittmusterteile eindeutig zu lang, also werde ich sie um 3cm kürzen. Den Nacken lege ich ein bisschen tiefer, so 1,5cm, das mag ich lieber. Und ich muss dringend meine Reißverschlüße finden, so mit Nadeln zusammenheften geht gar nicht! Genau wie Dodo vom Blog Dodos Beads, die auch unsere Vorturnerin beim Me Made Mittwoch Weihnachskleid ist, habe ich ein bisschen Angst, dass meine BH-Träger blitzen könnten. Also werde ich Trägerschlaufen einbauen.

Mein Eintrag heute ist also unter dem Motto "Das Probemodell ist genäht und passt. Jetzt geht es weiter.". Obwohl eigentlich "Ach, alles nicht so schlimm. Weihnachten hat 3 Tage, ich nähe jetzt das 2. Kleid." auch gehen würde, denn das Vogue Wickelkleid ist schon fertig!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Das Weihnachtskleid 2016 - Stoffauswahl

Let's talk fabric. As I mentioned in the last post, I pledged not to buy any fabric until October 31st, 2017. So I have to deal with the fabric I have at had which is quite a large stash. More than 200m is my best guess as I have not yet entered everything into my excel sheet. And I already had some fabrics in mind when making the last post for the Christmas dress(es) on Monday.

Lasst uns über Stoffe reden. Ich habe mir ja vorgenommen, ein Jahr keinen Stoff mehr zu kaufen und muss deswegen bis zum 31sten Oktober 2017 mit dem vorlieb nehmen, das ich habe. Was wirklich nicht wenig Stoff ist (ich schätze mehr als 200m Stoff, muss mal wieder meine Exceltabelle pflegen). Ich hatte auch gleich Stoffe im Hinterkopf, als ich am Montag über die möglichen Schnitte geschrieben habe.

 photo IMG_7399_zps7823bxpl.jpg

This si the digital rose print jersey I will use for Vogue V8379, the infamous wrap dress. I got that in the same sale as the fabricfor the fractal dress. I have 3m which should be sufficient accoring to the pattern's description. I will make the short sleeved version, but I'm still not sure about the collar. Should I make one? Does it work well with cardigans?

Das ist der digitale Rosenjersey, von dem ich am Montag gesprochen habe. Aus ihm soll das berühmte Vogue Wickelkleid 8379 werden. Die 3 m, die ich im Stoffverkauf mitgenommen habe, sollten laut Umschlag reichen. Ich will auf jeden Fall kurze Ärmel, bin mir aber mit dem Kragen nicht sicher. Brauche ich den? Funktioniert der mit Strickjacken?

 photo IMG_7402_zpsjxzt1q2e.jpg

I think I will use a combination of 2 taffetas for the 50s dress. I got the gunmetal grey taffeta from my friend Paisleystern wh used it for an amazing corset and cape combination. I will use the grey for the top part and make skirt and sash from black taffeta.

Für das 50s Kleid will ich gerne 2 Stoffe kombinieren: Der graue Taft ist ein Geschenk von Paisleystern (die aus ihm ein wundervolles Korsett und ein passendes Cape gemacht hat) und soll das Oberteil des Kleids werden. Den Rockteil und die Schärpe werde ich aus dem schwarzen Taft ergänzen.

 photo IMG_7400_zpssyuvpd0x.jpg

This would be an alternative for the taffeta combination, but I think it will be far too summery for a true Christmas dress. Maybe I will use it for the trial run? Or just sew it up in spring?

Das hier wäre noch ein Alternativstoff für das 50s Kleid. Allerdings ist er mir zu sommerlich, vielleicht wird er das Probeteil oder eben im Frühjahr genäht. Im Sinne des Me Made Mittwochs und der Veranstaltung Weihnachtskleid 2016 kann ich also sagen "Hurra, ich habe genau den Stoff gefunden, den ich mir vorgestellt habe. Der Schnitt passt auch super dazu."!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Me Made Mittwoch – Fractal dress

I sincerely hope that I can keep up with the blogging speed I now enter. Posting 3 times a week should be okay, but since I had such a long hiatus with not much possibility to sew, there will be lots of “old outfits” in the Me MadeMittwoch! Although for today, I have something very new:

Der Weihnachtskleid Sew Along macht mich ein bisschen nervös, weil ich nicht weiß ob ich nach der Blogpause (auch noch fast ohne nähen) genug Material und Energie in mir habe um so oft zu posten… Ich denke der Me Made Mittwoch wird ein bisschen darunter leiden, weil ich vermutlich viele “alte Outfits” zeigen werde. Obwohl ich für heute etwas Neues habe:

 photo 20161116_071112_zpscxqohsq1.jpg

Dress: „Dress 10“ in Fashion Style’s issue 10/2016
Tights: Thermo tights
Boots: Dr. Marten’s

I made this dress from the pattern „Dress 10“ in Fashion Style’s issue 10/2016. I really love this magazine as the clothes fit to my body unlike Burda where I have a horrible time adjusting almost everything. I also love how the patterns are designed for longer women and cover a larger range (36-54 or 6-22 for my American readers) of sizes than Burda does. No problems sewing the same pattern for your skinny friend and your large aunt! In fact I love the magazine so much I asked my mum for a subscription for my birthday!

Das Schnittmuster ist “Kleid 10” aus der Fashion Style10/2016 Ausgabe. Das Nähmagazin gefällt mir 100 Mal besser als Burda einfach weil die Schnitte zu mir passen, ich nicht ständig anpassen muss und die Ausschnitte auch nicht „Hallo Möpse!“ rufen. Die Schnittmuster sind für längere Frauen designed – so wie mich!- und umfassen ein größeres Größenspektrum (36-54) als Burda. Ich finde die Zeitung so toll, dass ich mir ein Abo von meiner Mama zum Geburtstag wünsche!

 photo 20161116_071142_zps2onyocib.jpg

The fabric was bought in Oberhausen on a yearly sale of a very tiny fabric shop in the city centre. You should have seen my surprise when their storage facility was a huge storehouse! There were so many fabrics and buttons that I was severely overwhelmed and only bought very few things… The fabric I used here is a romanit jersey with digital print and a nice hand. The print is kind of hard to center – especially if you are not interested in marking your chest with two large prints…

Der Stoff stammt vom jährlichen Ausverkauf der Nähkiste inOberhausen. Der Laden in der Stadtmitte ist recht klein, daher war ich von der riesigen Lagerhalle etwas überrascht! Ich war überwältigt und habe nur wenige Stoffe gekauft. Zum Beispiel diesen schönen Romanit mit Digitaldruck. Der Stoff fasst sich super an, allerdings ist der Print so verteilt das man leicht die Brust überbetont. Deswegen ist er jetzt etwas komisch zentriert.

 photo IMG_7396_zpsqxhc2iin.jpg

Pattern review
The pattern was easy to sew with only 3 pattern pieces. The only change I made was to use a fake bias binding instead of the facings in the pattern. I don’t like the small facings and would rather line the whole to part. But here, a self-lining would have added to much body and would have been highly visible. Thus the bias binding around the neck.

Der Schnitt ist sehr einfach zu nähen mit nur 3 Schnittteilen. Ich habe den Beleg gegen ein falsches Einfassband ausgetauscht. Der Stoff wäre zu dick für einen Beleg, das würde sofort auffallen. Außerdem mag ich diese kleinen, fiddeligen Belege nicht, die nie richtig halten oder von Hand zusätzlich fixiert werden müssen. Für ein richtiges Futter war der Stoff wiederum zu schwer.

Monday, November 14, 2016

Das Weihnachtskleid 2016 - my very first (documented) Christmas Dress

After a little *cough* *remove dust and spiderwebs* blogging hiatus with a move, I'm back on track! I finally unpacked my sewing machines and have begun organizing my stash and sewing nook. Unfortunately, my boyfriend claimed the office room for his stupid home office work - so not jelous, I love you, darling! - so I have to use the available space next to the entry. Which is actually generous enough to serve as a cutting room if needs be. Anyway, I'm back and will participate in the annual Christmas Dress Sewalong hsted by the wonderful ladies of Me Made Mittwoch!

Nach einer kleinen *hust* *Staubwedel schwing* Blogpause bin ich wieder zurück. Der Umzug (oder eher die beiden Umzüge) sind gut gelaufen ohne größere Verluste und ich habe meine Nähnische bezogen. Die Nähma und die Ovi stehen bereit und es wurde sogar schon der erste Nähbesuch empfangen... Meine kleine Nische im Flur ist in Wirklichkeit ein kleines Raumwunder und ich fühle mich sehr wohl. Ich melde mich zurück passend zum Weihnachtskleid Sew Along 2016, wie immer moderiert von den wundervollen Ladies vom Me Made Mittwoch!

Today's task is to remember all the Christmas dresses past and plan whatever dress you are heading for this year. So, thinking of the past Christmas dresses is very easy: Most of them have not been documented here. In fact, just last week my boyfriend reminded me that I have not yet taking a picture of last year's dress (sorry, Neisella: I love your fabirc gift and have worn it with pride!). Oops. Well this year I swear to be better!

Die heutige Aufgabe besteht daraus, einen Rückblick auf die letzten Weihnachtskleider zu werfen. Das geht schnell - ich habe bislang nicht am Sew Along teilgenommen und die Kleider zu Weihnachten wurde bislang eher mässig dokumentiert. Das vom letzten Jahr zum Beispiel ist leider noch nichtmal fotografiert worden. Obwohl ich von Neisella einen wirklich tollen Stoff bekommen habe und mich Weihnachten sehr wohl darin gefühlt. Oops. Dieses Jahr mache ich es besser!

My motto for today will be "I got the fabric, but what pattern shall I use?". Actually I don't want to shop fabric for a whole year - the move yaddayadda, having more than 7 moving boxes full of fabric yaddayadda *blush* - so I'll have to make do. It's not that I exactly have to suffer... So anyway. I might use a jersey with pixelated roses printed on black for a more comfortable dress which allows lots of food? I could use the Vogue wrap dress pattern I already have:
Mein Motto heute ist wohl am ehesten "Stoff ist da, aber welchen Schnitt solch ich nur nehmen?" Da ich mir vorgenommen habe bis November 2017 keinen Stoff zu kaufen - beim Umzug gab es irgendwie Diskussionen das 7 Umzugskisten voll Stoff doch etwas viel sind. Weiß gar nicht was mein Freund meint... *rotwerd* Ich habe einen Jersey mit Rosendruck auf schwarz, der vorzüglich zu Wickelkleid von Vogue passen würde:

I could also make a 50s inspired dress from taffeta I have in my stash and use the dress pattern in the Fashion Style 10/2016. Something green or black might do:

Ich könnte auch das 50s inspirierte Kleid aus der aktuellen Fashion Style 10/2016 nähen, genug Taftstoffe habe ich noch in meinem Stoffvorrat. Ich sollte meinem Freund sagen, dass der Vorrat definitiv seine Vorteile hat! ^^

Do you plan to make a special occasion dress for Christmas? What are your plans?

 Nähst du auch ein Weihnachtskleid? Was sind deine Pläne?

Friday, September 30, 2016

Week in Review 39/2016

What did I see?
I'm almost in the mood for Halloween (Which goth isn't?) although the move stops me from decorating anything. So I might put my gothy decorations up here in my blog and maybe later in the new flat! Atomic Pixies made a lovely picture of the "Scream Queens" - Do you recognise all of them?

What did I listen to?
Finally done with the apocalyptic stuff! Now it is back to music - Love like Blood - Dying Nation. During the 90s there was a time where right wing people in Germany gained confidence and started physically attacking foreigners. There were many songs by left wing bands who are still present in my mind today. This is one of them. I'm kind of more afraid of these people today than with 10 years. And I feel equally helpless...

What did I ask myself?
How can one person have so much fabric? I should ask myself, right?

What did I read?
Die Go-Go-Girls der Apokalypse (= "gogo girls of the apocalypse") by Victor Gischler. There is no English translation of this German book, but fortunately you are not missing out on much. The story is centered around Mortimer Tate who survives the end of the world when he hides from his wife in the woods when she wants a divorce. Now, 9 years later he returns to civilisation when he grows tired of beef jerky. He runs into cowboys, evil humans, profiters and -of course- gogo girls. The story is nice, but not very catchy. And the characters are mostly not very relatable. I got the book for 1 Euro which it was completely worth. Not much more though, I'm afraid! ^^

What did I work on?
A skirt and a shirt

I was happy about...
I got the keys to the new flat (finally!) and didn't completely hate it when seeing it the second time! Yay!

I was annoyed about...
All the organisational stuff. Being adult sucks so hard!

I bought...
More foods. And Ikea furniture.

Friday, September 23, 2016

Week in Review 38/2016

What did I see?
I'm always happy to support aquaitances. Although I think that Royal Black doesn't need much of a support since her work speaks for herself! She makes the most awesome corset designs with impeccable fit. See for yourself:

What did I listen to?
You wouldn't believe it -  J.L.Bourne Diary of the Apocalypse 3 (German Version)

What did I ask myself?
Now that my motivation is back - Why don't I have time to sew?!

What did I read?
Work stuff

What did I work on?
Nothing - Well, I copied a pattern, but had not time to cut the fabric

I was happy about...
Mo-Ti-Va-Tion! Yay!

I was annoyed about...
Doing the dishes. I'm so looking forward to having my dish washer back!

I bought...
Only foods. Good girl!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Entertainment blogger award

I really needed some time to get through my blogroll, with all the packing and shopping and organizing, time is really a precious resource. BTW, I didn't forget that I owe you pictures of my TKMaxx haul and new sewn things, but I somehow miss my camera battery charger and also ran out of webspace for pictures. Any recommendations?

 I'm writing today because I just realised that Ramona of Justkeepthebrains gave me an award, thank you sweetheart:

The Entertaining Blogger Award


The Rules of The Entertainer Blogger Award:

  • Write a post including the award picture.
  • Nominate 12 other bloggers who are funny, inspiring, and most importantly ENTERTAINING!
  • Add these rules to the post.
  • Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog!
  • Also, answer the questions down below.

1. Why did you start to blog in the first place?

I started to blog in 2009 originally to have some fun with outfit pcitures, but the blog soon eolved into a diary for stuff I make and do. I often have the feeling that I don't achieve anything and never finish anything I start. The blog keeps track of stuff I made and helps me to see that I actually do finish things. And it really works!

2. What is your favorite book?

I hae written about this before, but my favourite book is "Spares" by Michael Marshall Smith. It contains, spaceships, war, robots, clones love and a broken detective, all mixed up to a story which you can't lay down once you started reading!

Here is the text on the back cover:
Coma meets Blade Runner in this future noir thriller, a compulsively readable melding of hardboiled narrative and hardware invention. Smith forecasts a decadent future in which the rich clone themselves at birth and callously harvest replacement organs from their "spares" as they need them. Narrator Jack Randall, a debauched but conscientious ex-cop, flees to the megalopolis of New Richmond with seven clones he has liberated from a spare farm and is almost immediately relieved of them by a gang of thugs. Jack's efforts to find out who has abducted the spares and marked them for death plunge him into a mystery that ultimately links the two events that have shattered his life: the brutal unsolved murder of his wife and child, and his soul-searing tour of military duty in The Gap. A virtual world built from the flotsam and jetsam cluttering the Internet, The Gap is an awesome conception made to seem supernaturally eerie yet scientifically feasible. Smith elaborates this creation brilliantly, as a surreal battleground where Jack confronts the demons that have haunted him for a decade, and as a symbol of emptiness and waste that brings the novel's numerous depictions of personal and social devaluation into sharp focus. Both a disconcerting portrait of a future that might be, and a poignant study of one man's fight to resist it, this novel augurs a promising future of another sort for its author.

3. What do you dislike the most?

Intolerance and stupidity. Not necessarily in that order. I don't know if I hate any of the two more, but sometimes I hate myself for being stupid. So I sometimes hate myself a bit, but at least I try to avoid intolerance! ^^

4. What’s your favorite food item from the mall?

That's hard. I love fusion food, preferably asian fusion. There is a food ventor called soul food who has amazing burgers and sweet potato fries to die for. I also love sushi. And udon. Actually, I'd eat almost anything, depending on the mood I'm in! ;)

5. What is your favorite past time activity?

Again, I find it hard to decide that. Spending time with my boyfriend, friends and family? Reading? Sewing?  So much things to do, so little time!

I won't nominate anyone because most people I'd nominate either are already nominated and the rest of them won't waste time answering questions... If you are interested, just pickup the award and answer the questions! :)

Friday, September 16, 2016

Week in Review - 37/2016

What did I see?
Ya'll know how much I'm into handiworks and hand sewing? Well, I'm really tempted to do it once we moved. I simply love the creepy cute designs by TinyCup Needlework!

What did I listen to?
J. L Bourne - 2nd Diary of the Apocalypse. (German version) Both books are actually pretty good! Looking forward to the third diary!

What did I ask myself?
What became of no more shopping until the move?

What did I read?
Pittacus Lore "United as One", the last of the Lorien series. Good as always, both my boyfriend and me are fans of the series and enjoy the books about teenagers from outer space fighting on (and for) earth!

What did I work on?
Nothing, but I have good plans now!

I was happy about...
More kissing my boyfriend and spending time with friedns this weekend!

I was annoyed about...
My lazyness. Still I need to work on that. But I'll do!

I bought...
More fabric and the new German Version of Patrones, my old favourite Sewing pattern magazine!

Monday, September 12, 2016

Grey silk McCall's 5661

I used the rest of the silk cotton fabric to make another top. I thought that making a work appropriate top would be a good idea, so I used view D with the sleeves of view B from McCall's 5661.

Den Rest der Baumwoll-Seide-Mischung habe ich ein weiteres Oberteil genäht. Ich wollte etwas für die Arbeit, also habe ich ein hochgeschlossenes Schnittmuster (McCall's 5661) genommen mit den Falten am Ausschnitt - Ansicht D- mit kleinen Ärmelchen -Ansicht B.

 photo IMG_0795_zpscpn8nbjw.jpg

 photo IMG_0797_zpsrgtqw93w.jpg

 photo IMG_0798_zpsfnrzl0ji.jpg

In the back you can see that the shirt is still lacking closure. I can't decide between mother of pearl buttons or KAM Snaps. And which snaps to use - black or white?

Hier kann man hinten sehen, dass das Oberteil noch keinen Verschluß hat. Ich kann mich bislang nicht für Knöpfe entscheiden. Perlmutt? Oder KAM Snaps? In weiß oder schwarz? Hilfe?

 photo IMG_0799_zpsqeibvp6p.jpg

 photo IMG_0800_zpsybxdo8zi.jpg

Like in the last shirt, I gave my all to make the insides just as pretty as the outside. I won't get away with wearing this shirt inside out, but I somehow felt that this fabric was worth the little extra effort.

Wie beim anderen Shirt von letzter Woche habe ich wieder etwas Zeit ins Innenschön investiert. Irgendwie scheint mir der Stoff die Extraarbeit wert... Allerdings kann man dieses Shirt nicht einfach umdrehen...