Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Curious Professor's Monthly Homework Assignment - Being grateful


This month's Homework Assignment is to show us or tell us about those things, people, etc. for which you are most grateful. Join me in giving thanks to those people who make your life special. I know that my Canadian friends have already done this, so perhaps you can share your photos and Thanksgiving stories from this year?

 I have plenty of things to be grateful for and the people who accompany my life are a major part of that. I moved a lot during my youth and know how some relationships break because of distance. So I am very glad that I have some friends for years even though we don't see us that often. My friend Ey (here in a pink wig) for example is someone I know for about 10 years and the friendship survived her moving away...

 photo IMG-20150516-WA0008_zpsz0rpfhlr.jpg

My friends from the Ruhr area are also very dear to my heart. We met through parties and common friends, but these are the ones I turn for when I need someone to talk to or just hang out! Like SIntra above or the ones here:

 photo IMG-20150927-WA0006_zpsuffwj5vt.jpg

 photo IMG-20150301-WA00071_zpswuoew0lc.jpg

My friends from the internet are also very special. Although my favourite forum has been shut down earlier this year, the follow up project is still going strong! I know many of the people also from real life and met them a community meetings or just festivals. But even the ones I never met in person gave good advice and had an open ear for me when I needed it!

 photo sofu2_zpsjc3uulae.jpg

 photo 20150613_202630_zpscvm1zpun.jpg

I can even add all the people I met over my blog to that list! Seeing the comments chears me up all the time and some posts on their blogs really got me thinking. The blogger community - at least the ones that I met- are a very supportive and lovely bunch! I never so much as recieved an evil comment!

Some more real life persons are also very important to me. My family who is an awesome bunch! My mum who visited me last week, my aunts and uncles who might be a tad strenous, but help in every way they can. My dad and his girlfriend who helped me finding a flat here in Heidelberg. All of them - even my boyfriend's family- make me feel happy and loved in every way!

BTW, not my family. They are picture shy
And speaking of love - I thank all the gods I don't believe in for meeting my amazing boyfriend! He is just the best! Taking care of me when I'm sick, supoorting me when I have a hard time in my job, even wants to move with me to a part of the country he hardly ever visited. Sorry, girls, this guy is mine and it will stay that way! ^^

 photo 20121031_200226_zpssqrxo4is.jpg


Mara Macabre said...

Ein schöner Post und eine schöne Hommage an die Menschen in deinem Leben :)
Sieht man sich vielleicht beim Nähkromanten Burgtreffen nächstes Jahr?

Sarah said...

It looks like fun times with your friends gothing up.

MindLess said...

@ Mara Macabre: Ich hoffe es! Dieses Jahr war mir das mit dem Umzug und der neuen Arbeit einfach ein bisschen zu viel... Und ja, meine Freunde sind natürlich die allerbesten <3

@ Sarah: They are the best! I love them all so much!

Ramona said...

:-D na guck, und es heißt, leute, die sich länger als 7 jahre kennen verlieren sich selten aus den augen soooomit denk ich hast du doch einige leute, auf die du auch in zukunft bauen kannst!

ah und wieder ein verzweifelter versuch: bin vom 3.-6.12. in heidelberg / mannheim wegen freunde besuchen, shooting und super schwarzem mannheim, was kommt diesmal dazwischen? *lol*

Doctor Z said...

Isn't it amazing how the blogosphere has brought us all together? It really makes this great, big world seem more intimate and manageable. The blog folks who I've met are all awesome people ... and who knows? Maybe one day we'll meet. You never know when I'm going to hop the pond to visit.

MindLess said...

@ Ramona: Ich glaube ganz fest das manche Freundschaften wirklich viel aushalten. Und heute kommen mich 2 der Mädels hier besuchen! WIe wäre es mit dem 3.12.? Weil am 4. muss ich abends nach Essen, bin am 5. verabredet und am 6. vermutlich auf der Comic-Con... Hast du meine Handynummer noch vom WGT?

@ The Profeessor: You are kindly invited whenever you visit Germany! I feel very connected to many people from the internet and I have great friendships which started online and have since moved into real life. The nerds in front of the PC are sometimes less alone than people who don't know about blogger and forums...

Ramona said...

Nummer hab ich laut meinem Handy noch, jup. Ich klär mal mitm Karsten ab, ob schon was geplant war für den 3., wiiiiie hättest du denn da zeit? (muss man doch mal irgendwann schaffen LOL)

MindLess said...

@ Ramona: Meld dich bei mir, ich freu mich!