Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Burda Easy Fall 2014 Shrug

I recently visited fabric markets again and have not yet shown you my findings. Bad me, I suppose. Anyway, one of the fabrics I bought was a tie dye black on grey jersey. I fell in love the second I saw it! I only found one coupon (which is 1.5 x 1.5m) but I took it home anyway. I planned to make an obnoxious waterfall shirt - you know like the 5 million ones I already own?! I carefully laid out the pattern and found that there was enough fabric for something else. I skimmed through my pattern collection and found the shrug 2 A in Burda Easy Fall Edition 2014:

The pattern called for elastic fabric which jersey obviously is. Score! I cut the pattern pieces and they fit on the remaining fabric. Double score!

This is what I made:

 photo IMG_7178_zpsdot0vg6i.jpg

 photo IMG_7179_zpsn9hm9vwg.jpg

I used fake bias tapes from self-fabric for the neck and (unlike the instructions) around the lower hem.

 photo IMG_7180_zps9zrrgwbg.jpg

The hems of the sleeves are sewn with a twin needle with two different matching threads:

 photo IMG_7181_zpsewgkz39c.jpg

So, all in all a nice garment made rather simply from a low amount of fabric. There were just ome minor issues...

Sewing pattern review
For one, the pattern is sized for low stretch fabrics.My farbic was way too stretchy which resulted in me having to take out fabric at every seam. Like, 5 cm in the sleeves and 6 cm each in the side seams. Which resulted in a major loss of fabric which was not necessary. On the other hand this meant that I could skip the zipper on the neck.
The neckline was really tight, I cut about 3 more cm from the neck and it still fits tight to my neck. I can hardly imagine how strangling it must feel made from unstretchy fabric?!
The sleeves are pretty long, no added cm were needed to cover my long arms.
I didn't bother with making the shrug the way the instructions said. Much too complicated in my eyes! I follow the construction method of this tutorial and it is faster and cleaner in my eyes!


Laura Morrigan said...

What is with strangly patterns!

You are doing so well with all the sewing! I have so many plans but am not going as fast as I want because it gets too hot to sew!

AvA said...

Cooles Teil! Sieht sehr futuristisch aus ^^

MindLess said...

@ Laura Morrigan: I don't know! I hate stuff so close to my neck... I really should change the pattern as well (or at least mark my alterations). I feel lazy and end up surfing the web so often, don't feel bad if you don't spend all wake time in front of the sewing machine. I do neither... And I feel you on it being too hot to sew, that's why my robes are only sewn between October and April!

@ Ava: Vielen Dank! Und ich finde futuristisch eher mit Endzeit-Einschlag, nicht so Star Trek -saubere Zukunuft-mässig. Versteht man was ich meine?

Ramona said...

Schicker Stoff und scheinbar perfekt genutzt, wenn du auch von Problemen mit dem Schnitt berichtest... Ich denk das Endergebnis zählt :-)

MindLess said...

@ Ramona: Das wurde sogar noch schlimmer beim tragen! Es ist noch weiter geworden durch die Körperwärme und hängt nach 1 STunde wie ein Sack. Also nochmal enger machen... *seufz*

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

That is really cute!