Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Dark Hippy - Soap washed hair

As I mentioned in the natural deo post, I also switched to a greener alternative for my shampoo. I have fine hair in both meanings:
  1. Every single hair I have on my head has a small diameter. Seriously, my boyfriends hair is twice as wide!
  2. I don't have that many hairs. Last month my aunt asked me if I go bald in some places :(
That's why I want to take the best possible care of my hair! I also have a sensitive scalp which reacts with itching and dandruff when exposed to the wrong stuff. And boy, there is a lot of wrong stuff for me:
  • conventional shampoo - it is much too harsh for me and leaves my head dry and itchy
  • natural shampoo containing coconut - makes my head snow like winter wonderland!
  •  anything containing olive oil - makes my hair instant fat head. Literally the same evening or latest next morning
  • Aleppo soap - a very natural soap containing Olive oil (mentioned right above) and Laurel oil - this lead to dry scalp with fatty hair. I kid you not!
I actually tried hair soap out of curiosity. I found it intriguing that I could make it myself (although Janina of Zebraspider can attest you that it is not that easy) and use oils and fats that suit my hair. Also, soap is great for traveling as it cannot leak!

This is now my third soap order. I fared rather well with some of the soaps by Chagrin Valley (from the US), but in the end found a better German alternative. If you have dry hair, I still recommend to try the butter bar conditioner which was unfortunately to fatty for my hair! The order you see below was from Steffis Hexenküche and contains all soaps Steffi offers without coconut and low olive oil content.

 photo IMG_7090_zpsysnytbqg.jpg

The smaller pieces are the ones that currently reside in my shower, one is Olive-Babassu* by Chagrin Valley, the other Honey Babassu by Steffis Hexenküche. Actually, I also use a little more than this:

 photo IMG_7092_zps7vrwbjwz.jpg

When I wash my hair, I wet my hair and rub the soap allover it until there is plenty of foam. Some people recommend to only wash the scalp but my hair is too short! Next step is to rinse my hair with water. The little container is Vitamin C which I use for an acidic rinse. Soap is basic which opens up the hair particles and makes it dull and hard to comb. For my acidic rinse I simply fill my jug with water, add two of the little spoons of vitamin c (the spoon is in the container and  measures exactly one daily dose of vit c) and pour it over my head. I rinse immediately with water again - not because it is dangerously acidic but because I always shower as quickly as possible! You could use any vinegar instead of the vitamin c, but like soap, vitamin c is spill proof!

After this procedure, my hair is easily comb able and soft. I let it air dry and have shiny and pretty hair! ; )

Have you considered using soap for your hair? And which ones did you try?

*leftover from my trial days and just to expensive to throw away... I use it every thrid wash, but have to wash after 1 day instead of every third!


Sylvie D said...

Lush makes some great hair soap. I am glad you are finding natural products you like!

MindLess said...

@ Sylvie D: Lush makes solid shampoo, not soap! The chemicals in there are the same harsh ones than in liquid shampoo! But they smell nice and do not spill, which is a nice advantage. I'll still rather use soap for my sensitive scalp...

Janina said...

Oh, looks like you've already tried a lot. I'm thinking about using soap for my hair, but I fear that the dye will wash out faster. (Experience, anyone?) I didn't know about the acidic rinse before, which makes completely sense of course :) Maybe I'll make hair soap myself some day, but before I try it with a bought one. Thanks for the tips!

AvA said...

Danke für den Tipp! Ich habe genau die selben Haar-/ Kopfhautprobleme wie du.

Jade said...

I know about those but have not myself had one. I borrowed one that my friend had once and it hair felt good after it. Did you know that (also female) humans can start to get bald if they are under a lot of stress? I learned this from my hairstylist. D: She had noticed that I had a small patch (about 1 square centimeter) of really short hair at the back of my scalp. She asked if I had had a lot of stress a couple of months back. The answer being yes she stated that I had begun to get bald but luckily it had stopped and new hair was sprouting again. :(

MindLess said...

@ Janina: Yes, soap kills hair colour! The hair structure is opened by soap which is good to get proteins or fats in, but this also opens it up to release colour pigments. Unfortunately... If you want, I can send you a piece of hair soap for trying! ;)

@ AvA: Vielleicht sollte ich noch einen "Welche Seife habe ich schon mit welchem Erfolg getestet?" Post machen? Sonst empfehle ich immer gerne das Langhaarforum!

@ Jade: Yes, I know. And I think that my former job contributed to my thin hair... :( But on the other hand, my family from my father's side all have thin hair. So genetics will probably play a role as well!

Ramona said...

Klingt doch schonmal ganz gut! Ich muss bei Stücken für die Haare passen, schon bei den lush shampoos probleme, glaub bei seife wär das ähnlich. (liegt evtl. daran, dass meine Haare auf ihre art und weise ebenfalls SEHR zickig sind, schnell fettend, mögen Farben nicht so gern aber saugen alle produkte direkt auf ohne chance es vorher zu verteilen...)

MindLess said...
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Ms Misantropia said...

My hair is also thin, and it doesn't grow past my chin - but my boyfriend has hair that grows like weeds, into a thick beautiful mane... How unfair is it that women are the ones who are told to have lots of hair when men have more of it?? ;)

MindLess said...

@ Ms Misantropia: Oh, my hair does grow quickly, but still thin... -.-# And my boyfriend has amazing hair, thick and lots of it. When he cut it from hip length to about 5 cm, I nearly cried!

Mara Macabre said...

Ich hab mich bisher nicht an die festen Shampoos von Lush getraut (aber ich lieeebe das BIG Shampoo und den American Cream Conditioner), aber eigentlich möchte ich das mal ausprobieren, gerade für Reisen
Ich hab leider aber Mischhaar (unten trocken, oben fettig :(((( ) meinst damit geht das auch?

MindLess said...

@ Mara Macabre: Ich würde dir Godiva empfehlen, das hat mir mit deiner Haarkonstellation gut gefallen. Aber nur wenn du Kasminduft magst, sonst wirst du es hassen! ^^ Frag doch einfach nach einer Probe?

Mara Macabre said...

meinst du Jasmin? Dann ist es eher nicht so meines XD
Aber nach einer Probe werde ich tatsächlich mal fragen, danke!