Monday, July 6, 2015

Little helpers - Needles

I should have really put the last post and this one the other way around - you know "Needles and Pins"?" Well anyway, needles are really important for any sewing person. You all know that I hate to sew by hand, but sometimes it is inevitable: For sewing hems, buttons, decorations...

What is it good for?
I have different types of  needles for different purposes:

 photo IMG_7005_zpsxatqugy1.jpg

The thick needle on the left is something that you know from the panty sewing posts. It is actually for sewing knitted pieces together or darning socks, but I use it for pulling my serger threads back.

The straight needle in the middle is probably quite new in my stash as all my needles are bent to my will  ^^ (as you can see on the right). No really, most of the time I prefer my needles curved! I use the few remaining straight ones for closing plushies or pillows, which doesn't happen to often.

The curved ones are ideal for sewing buttons on. Or for sewing hats. I feel I have much better accuracy with the bend needles than with straight ones although I might lose a little of the pressing power when pushing the needle through the fabrics!

You can buy special bend needles (usually for upholstery), but I just bend mine myself. It is not that hard!

How much does it cost?
Needles are like pins rather cheap. I buy a whole package of 10 needles for 2 Euros and they are sharp and thin.

Who needs this?
Anyone! Even those people who don't sew as a hobby! Everyone should be able to sew on a button or repair a hem, which is really not that hard...


Anonymous said...

Pins and Needles - ist doch mal was anderes. Ich nähe sehr selten und meistens nur Kleinigkeiten wie einen Knopf an eine Jacke oder so. Und Nadeln habe ich irgendwo in verschiedenen Mini-Näh-Sets verstreut - aber alle grade. Meine Nadeln beugen sich nicht meinem Willen, sie sind eher blutrünstig, aber vielleicht versuche ich das mit dem Biegen auch mal. Mehr Zielsicherheit klingt gut!
LG Tea

MindLess said...

@ coffeexandxtea: Oh ja, Nadelpiekser kenne ich natürlich auch! Ich komme wie gesagt mit den krummen Nadeln besser klar, aber teste es erst bevor du gleich alle verbiegst... ;)

AgnesBarton said...

Oh, cool, ich wusste nicht, dass man Nadeln selber verbiegen kann - ich hatte bisher immer Angst, dass die dann brechen. Da ich mir für meine Patch-auf-Decke-Näh-Aktion schon ab und zu eine krumme Nadel gewünscht habe, werde ich das beim nächsten Patch direkt mal ausprobieren! :-)

Laura Morrigan said...

I have been handsewing since I was a kid! I cannot sew a neat seam, but I can fix things and sew buttons.

MindLess said...

@ Agnes Barton: Doch, es geht! Gerade um Applikationen flach aufzunähen finde ich krumme Nadeln besser!

@ Laura Morrigan: That is great, I think it is a very valuable skill! My hand sewing is always wonky, but it does the trick... ;)

Ramona said...

die reihenfolge pins & needles kannst immernoch mit birthday massacre rechtfertigen ^^

MindLess said...

@ Ramona: Stimmt! War alles Absicht! ;)