Friday, July 31, 2015

Week in Review 31/2015

What did I see?
This week I saw some classical vanitas and still life paintings by Toru Kamei. I love the butterflies on the frame which incorporate the outside into the painting and the eyes within the flowers:

What did I listen to?
VNV Nation - Chrome

What did I ask myself?
Will we make this? Will I make it?

What did I read?
Contracts. Lots and lots of contracts!

What did I work on?
Finding a flat.

I was happy about...
Having a (temporary) home and moving in today!

I was annoyed about...
My mood swings. I'm just to stressed right now! Hopefully this will vanish once I settle in...

I bought...
A lot of stuff, mostly flat related!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Feather collar + tutorial

Feathers seem to be all the rage during WGT and other festivals I visited. I thought I might like one the collars as well, but I was too cheap to buy one. The one I made was seriously inspired by DeadDoll's Needfull Things, so if you are to lazy (or richer than me ;) ) go ahead and buy it there!

A while ago I bought some feathers sewn on a band from ebay. I get most of my feathers this way (either from China or Australia, whoever is cheaper for the colour I'm interested in) as the cost less than half of the price I pay in a store here. For the ones I used here I paid 6 Euros per meter!

 photo IMG_7030_zpsmigsvbcx.jpg
I look less sexy than the model in the store, but I tried my best...
 photo IMG_7036_zpsdvboiqua.jpg
Yes, this was the best picture of the closure. ANnd yes, I sneezed after taking this pic. ;)
If you want to make such a feather collar, you need about 60cm of feathers on a band, a wide (4cm) satin ribbon and either a sewing machine or a needle, string and a thimble. The thimble is necessary, as the feathers are glued into the band and sewing is sticky and hard! My sewing machine had no problems with an 80 needle.

Just cut a ribbon that is long enough to tie around the neck (with a nice bow). Cut the feather band wide enough to wrap around your neck plus 1cm on each side. I folded the ends under and sewed one band each to the top and bottom of the ribbon. That's it!

 photo IMG_7037_zpsncwns8s3.jpg

A lot of oomph for rather little work, right?

 photo IMG_7032_zpsokd0xq8g.jpg

Friday, July 24, 2015

Week in Review 30/2015

What did I see?
During WGT 2015 (and seemingly before as well) some acquaintances of me have been filmed by the German public television. And this time the report they made was actually pretty decent, without the general cliches of goths being satanic and photo wh*res. Unfortunately, the report is German only, but still you should watch it if you understand a little German:
click this picture for a link to the report

What did I listen to?
Tool- Aenima

What did I ask myself?
Am I that horrible as a renter?

What did I read?
Neuromancer by William Gibson. I'm not yet done, but the story is really good!

What did I work on?
Flat searching. Not very successfully though

I was happy about...
My boyfriend who supoorts me so much

I was annoyed about...
Not being able to find a flat. I hate this insecurity!

I bought...
A lot of stuff which was not neccessary because I was bored and frustrated. Hrmpf!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Pencilskirt viennese

Almost two years ago I visited Vienna with my mum. And brought back two fabrics: Black fake fur which went into my Russian Victorian cape and matching hat, and a very strange black fabric with stretch and a brocade pattern which is somehow rather embroidered than woven in... I intended to make something tudor out of it, but as time went by, nothing tudor was sewn. And I finally realised that I might wear it a tad more often when sewn into some everyday wear instead of historical stuff! ^^

So I grabbed another pattern I never used before (McCall's 3830) and made this:

 photo IMG_7023_zpsl9xx855m.jpg

 photo IMG_7022_zps4qoxjeoy.jpg

Instead of going the easy route and just following the pattern (without reading the instructions, of course), I added a lining made from another fabric that has something to do with my mum. It is a poly stretch satin which I got on a shopping trip with her!

 photo IMG_7024_zpspx8tc4gy.jpg

The lining unfortunately made me handpick the zipper. But I added a little evil cat button as closure, so I don't complain that much...

 photo IMG_7021_zpslfshw1yb.jpg

Sewing Pattern review
The pattern is really easy, very few pieces and good construction. The little vent gives you enough room for larger steps and the instructions on that part - which I read after finishing my skirt- look easy and fair enough. I can recommend this even to beginners, it is not that hard to sew!

Friday, July 17, 2015

Week in Review 29/2015

What did I see?
While last week I focused on inner beauty in the true sense of the word, this week is purely superficial. Sorcha O'Raghalaigh makes some amazing stuff with Safety Pins and has really cool futuristic pictures to booth:

I also saw a lot of series on Netflix; for example Adventure time and Miss Fisher's Muder Mysteries!

What did I listen to?
Sergej Lukianekow's Nochnoi Dozor Audiobook. Love it, like the book and the rather unrelated movie...

What did I ask myself?
Heidelberg, here I come?

What did I read?
Nothing. No time besides work (and Netflix... -.-#)

What did I work on?
Same. Nothing (Netflix is a b*tch)

I was happy about...
Having vacation for the next two weeks!

I was annoyed about...
All the last minute work stuff

I bought...

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

The Rogue and the Wolf - Jewelry haul

Recently, Divine Obscurity blogged about some pretty jewelry that she bought from the Rogue and the Wolf. Years ago I ordered some cat skull 3D printed jewelry which I love and wear a lot, so I know that the quality is great! I was also looking for jewelry to wear with grown up cyber clothes like Vulcan-Butterfly wears. Like her, I have many pieces that look cyber or futuristic without any neon colours (not that they are a bad thing per se... ^^). But I was lacking matching jewelry and I find it hard to buy pieces that look cool, don't cost an arm and a leg and are wearable while dancing.

When I checked the Rogue and the Wolf website, they had a surprise sale and everyone who knows me can attest that I'm a sucker for those! I screened their offers and decided to get only black 3D printed stuff. Those look cool, are not that expensive and match my black-white-silver cyber wardrobe - win-win!

I got the Occult midi and the Hunt midi ring. I love how light and flexible they are and how I can still move perfetly normal when I wear them!

 photo IMG_7012_zpsdumh4mcl.jpg
BTW, the new nail foils look amazing, right? I guess Ramona will love them!

 photo IMG_7011_zpsydxcjppy.jpg

I also got a necklace: The Eclipse! What is barely visible in the shop pictures but a nice little detail are little signs on the halfmoon. I really consider getting one in silver as well...

 photo IMG_7018_zps5m2iqpy0.jpg

If you also want to buy some jewelry there, I can only recommend that you sign up for their newsletter, they have sales once a month and you might be able to get 20-40% off of your order. I think that the shipping cost from the UK are okay, but still worth finding a friend who wants to order there as well. The shipping is fast and everything I own from them is really good quality and has been worn and washed without any trouble! I know I will reorder there...

Monday, July 13, 2015

Post-apocalypse wrap top

Despite the heat, I made something! I used the early mornings and late nights because in 35-39 °C (around 100 °F), touching fabric really turned me off! No wonder most of my robes get sewn in winter to spring...

I got some romanite jersey (double knit jersey) on ebay. The print looked a little bit less busy online, and was originally bought for a dress. Unfortunately when it arrived and I put it over my dressform, I realised that a dress would be no good solution. So I made it into a top and a skirt. Today, it is shirt time!

 photo IMG_6998_zpsjvt1nbuf.jpg

 photo IMG_6999_zpsvz0avq9t.jpg

I used the pattern Simplicity 2369 which I have sewn before as a shirt and a dress. This time changed one minor detail: Instead of leaving two bands for knotting the wrap part, I used a simple strap which I sewed in:

 photo IMG_7000_zpsb7fcbajs.jpg

I think the colours of the fabric make the top look a bit like post apocalypse. Which right now is much of a fashion inspiration for me. I bought some pants and a dress from Nü (a Danisch designer) which look like something from Mad Max. Any interest in pics with the stuff?

Friday, July 10, 2015

Pleather (?) leggings

After showing you the ugliest leggings in th eowrld a while back, I cut not let my fingers off the pattern. My leggings drawer is overlflowing, but this does't stop me from making (and buying *looking at the leggings collection of Abigail Larson*) more!

 photo IMG_7007_zpsxu1lmhef.jpg
Pciture of one of my waterfall dresses for Medea - plus I'm wearing the leggings!

 photo IMG_7008_zpsxaidnsz6.jpg

 photo IMG_7009_zpspgwghlrs.jpg

The pattern I used is the same as for the ugliest leggings, the pattern from CUT. The fabric is a strange concotion: It is a jersey from manmade fibers (no idea which) with leather print. But the print is kind of like little dots, so the jersey is really stretchy and breathes comfortably. See the closeup:

 photo IMG_7010_zpsjgj4qzdx.jpg

The leggings are not spectacular, but good basic workhorses for my wardrobe. They work great with long tops for lounging at home but can easily be dressed up for parties! Not that many parties are happening with me. My boyfriend and I have a new motto (and we are certainly keeping up with it):

Week in Review 28/2015

What did I see?
This week we dig deeper into the matter that makes us. Very literally, because the brain makes up your personality and the paintings of neurons by Greg Dunn show the different types of brain cells in human brain tissue:

What did I listen to?
Wolfsheim - Once in a Lifetime

What did I ask myself?
Will this work out? It will be close, but...?

What did I read?
The third part of the Exorcist series by Jenna Black (The Devil's Due). And I will not buy the other ones! It was kind of an accident, getting worse with every novel but still I had to finish reading them. But now I'm done and the books will be passed on to the open bookshelf. Or to the next person who wants them (in German)...

What did I work on?
A shirt and 2 skirts

I was happy about...
Using foil nails for the first time! Looks pretty good and sticks to my nails for 3-4 days, which is 2-3 times as long as nail polish on my nails:

 photo IMG_7003_zpsgujvmon3.jpg

And a very nice job interview. Keeping my fingers crossed! Plus a surprise meeting with my dad. Only for 5 minutes, but still good!

I was annoyed about...
Nothing that I remember.

I bought...
Nail foils. Obviously!

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Grey polkadot dress

I'm glad I got to more easy sewing as it takes much less time to sew panties or shirts or even trackpants than historical dresses or WGT outfits! The fabric I used for my latest dress was a grey polkadot jersey from the last fabric market I visited. You might guess it from the pictures: I made that d*mned waterfall pattern again! This time I used view D (with short sleeves) of Simplicity 1716:

 photo IMG_6962_zpsg8sbcpls.jpg

 photo IMG_6963_zpsqhi4gcm0.jpg

With all that talking about the shirt I made for my mum, I was inspired to sew yet another version which actually perfectly fits my blog background. By accident, I swear!

I planned to make longer sleeves - half arm to be precise- but cut the fabric the wrong way. The outer parts of the sleeves were connected, the middle would have needed another seam; sometimes I'm really asking myself if my PhD made me more real-life-stupid! ^^ Anyway, the sleeves were long enough to shorten  up a bit and hence the sleeves are short and summery:

 photo IMG_6965_zpseyigw97p.jpg

And look at that sweet twin needle hems!

Do you have patterns you use over and over (and over and over and over...) again? Should I rename this blog to "Mindless Indulgence - Waterfall sewing"? Or just try out more of the many, many patterns I own?

Monday, July 6, 2015

Little helpers - Needles

I should have really put the last post and this one the other way around - you know "Needles and Pins"?" Well anyway, needles are really important for any sewing person. You all know that I hate to sew by hand, but sometimes it is inevitable: For sewing hems, buttons, decorations...

What is it good for?
I have different types of  needles for different purposes:

 photo IMG_7005_zpsxatqugy1.jpg

The thick needle on the left is something that you know from the panty sewing posts. It is actually for sewing knitted pieces together or darning socks, but I use it for pulling my serger threads back.

The straight needle in the middle is probably quite new in my stash as all my needles are bent to my will  ^^ (as you can see on the right). No really, most of the time I prefer my needles curved! I use the few remaining straight ones for closing plushies or pillows, which doesn't happen to often.

The curved ones are ideal for sewing buttons on. Or for sewing hats. I feel I have much better accuracy with the bend needles than with straight ones although I might lose a little of the pressing power when pushing the needle through the fabrics!

You can buy special bend needles (usually for upholstery), but I just bend mine myself. It is not that hard!

How much does it cost?
Needles are like pins rather cheap. I buy a whole package of 10 needles for 2 Euros and they are sharp and thin.

Who needs this?
Anyone! Even those people who don't sew as a hobby! Everyone should be able to sew on a button or repair a hem, which is really not that hard...

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy indepence day!

I am not US american and I also do not declare independency, but I loved this Pinups of americas heroes! Drink a beer, eat some BBQ and light some fireworks for me, too...

Friday, July 3, 2015

Grey Beanie for the boyfriend

Selfless sewing is not something that happens a lot in my home. I like to sew what I like, when I like and my boyfriend can testify that even smaller repairs of his stuff cost him massive (chocolate or back rub) bribes and may take a long time still.

But when I tried to kill off my jersey leftover stash, there was a piece of jersey just the right size for a beanie. And he is recently on a beanie kick. And he made this cute puppy eyes

And I did it! It was made from the same jersey I used for my mum's shirt and my panties, but turned it inside out - somehow the boyfriend was not keen on wearing flowers on his head:

 photo IMG_6952_zps74g8vof2.jpg

 photo IMG_6953_zpshycrpdhv.jpg

 photo IMG_6954_zpspiyblpcf.jpg

The beanie has no hem in front as it is essentially one long tube which is doubled. The back has two seams that form it to a square. Sewing the usual petal forms is fiddly and annoying - although my boyfriend already asked me to make the next one "more like the store bought one". If there is a next one. If...

Week in Review 27/2015

What did I see?
After last week's creepie cute story, this week is more of the art-sy goth-y kind of visual. The series "Mystery realms" by Gunel Gasanovaart are amazing digital black and white drawings:

What did I listen to?
Still the same audiobook. I always fall asleep! ^^

What did I ask myself?
How can people still look so pretty when it is 36°C?

What did I read?
Jenna Black's The Devil Inside and halfway through The Devil You Know. The story is centered around Morgan Kingsley who is and experienced Demon exorcist. It is rather catchy although not so good: The story is a bit predictable and Morgan is getting on my nerves really bad. And there are a lot of s*x scenes which do not contribute much to character development or story line...

What did I work on?
A skirt and a shirt.

I was happy about...
Cold showers!

I was annoyed about...
The weather. Seriously, 36°C? I'm melting!

I bought...
Some fabrics

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Oki Style Trackpants

The story of these track pants starts with the fabric. My friend Grevina Patrizia announced on facebook that one of her favourite fabric shops was moving and selling leftover fabrics dirt cheap. Which is exactly what I needed to cheer me up! We met there together with more friends and spent money like no tomorrow - I payed about 1 Euro per meter! The fabric for the ugliest leggings in the world was also from that very shop...

So, this wonderful fluffy and soft sweat fabric went home with me. The only thing that was not to like about it was the colour. Wool white? Not exactly flattering on me.

 photo IMG_6942_zpsi9vklfss.jpg

So I bought black fabric dye and put it in the washing machine with the intention of making it dark grey - black almost never works out, so I did not set my hope too high:

 photo IMG_6943_zpsylylxoya.jpg

The fabric came out more or less steel grey which was not dark grey, but better than the initial wool white:

 photo IMG_6945_zpss2gfamef.jpg

Recently, Nahtzugabe mentioned on her blog that Oki-Style is a pattern designer from Germany which does non mainstream wear. I love many of her patterns, but am not sure if I would wear them a lot. After the experience with the pattern "Trackpant" I might get some more... 

 photo IMG_6956_zpshv0loe9h.jpg

In the front I did a minor change: I sewed the inner part of the pocket directly on the leg part of the parts to reduce bulk on my hips.

 photo IMG_6958_zpspmvbyl2d.jpg

The back features this fancy inlay for the butt which gives extra room for movement (or strange positions on the couch while watching way too much Netflix - How comes all series I watch get new seasons at the same time? *looks at Penny Dreadful, Orange is the new Black*). It certainly does not look like your average track pant from a store... I love it!

 photo IMG_6960_zpsejm4gxsd.jpg

The legs have a curve and an insert that finishes the hem without a real cuff. The pants do fit a little tighter around the leg but not restrictive at all!

Sewing Pattern review
As per usual, I did not even bother to search for the sewing instructions but desided to wing it. Which led to me with a seconf butt insert which I cut because I did not know I only had to cut once. Absolutely my fault! I would have prefered to find the number of pieces to be cut one each piece, but otherwise I have zero complains. The seam allowance was not included, so I added my own. The pieces fit together very well and the sizes were spot on. A little harder to sew than legging, but still no need for advanced skills!