Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Rock im Revier 2015 - Part 2

Last day of the festival, but it was going out with a boom! We started the day after a good lunch at home with Five Finger Death Punch. Although I thought I never heard anything from them I was soon surprised by finding me singing along with the crowd! My plan was actually to watch The Darkness and Turbonegro, but it was raining a lot and the way to the second stage was really wide and partly flooded. But what was plan B ended up being a lot of fun anyway, so no complaints here!

 photo IMG_20150531_181656_zpssx30sbrm.jpg

A really good concert with a charismatic singer and band members who seemed to have a lot of fun playing!

The next band is a legend: Judas Priest! A band much older than me and it shows. All band members (except one of the guitar players who was around 40, I guess) looked old and the singer Rob Halford wore makeup which either hid all mimic or lacked any facial movements...

 photo IMG_20150531_200635_2_zpscfesulzj.jpg

 photo IMG_20150531_202920_zps4ftnsvqq.jpg

I know they are legendary. And for a guy of more than 60, Halford has an impressive voice. But still I felt no connection to the audience which was having a great party. Maybe they had a bad day?!

And last - but definitively not least - there was KISS! Have you ever seen Almost famous? A movie about a teenage boy who tries to reach KISS to write a music report in the 70s? I kind of worried that KISS might die (like Type O Negative did, curse you Pete Steele) before I could see them live. And with ticket prices ranging way above 100 Euros per ticket and Europe tours rare and in between this was certainly possible. But I made it!

 photo IMG_20150531_214625_zpszu4bss0r.jpg

 photo IMG_20150531_225722_zpsiujt1tmr.jpg

And they were good! They rocked the house wearing their horrible costumes with way too much glitter, spitting blood and setting the stage on fire. There were pyro effects, confetti canons, platforms moving up and down, Gene Simmons flying... Guys, I can't tell you what a great show it was! Go see them!

I didn't take any outfit pictures, as I wore plain black all days and most of the time my waterproof sports jacket to top it off. But I did sew something which might be called a pullover-sleeping wear-dress. I used the YouStyleRocks hooded bolero as a basis, but elongated the sleeves and the bodice to a short dress.

 photo IMG_6938_zps2errc8jq.jpg

 photo IMG_6939_zps7crzqk5v.jpg

The only fancy decoration I used was a leaf stitch around all hems. Otherwise it is really plain!

 photo IMG_6941_zpshzzgdc7d.jpg


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I have always wanted to see The Darkness!! I think they would be very amusing to see live!

MindLess said...

@ Vulcan Butterfly: I think so, too. Next time I will!

Laura Morrigan said...

Wow! Judas Priest!

MindLess said...

@ Laura Morrigan: Yeah, my dad was probably more excited than me when I told him I saw them... ;)

Anonymous said...

post #1 & #2 sind ja mal voll mit großen namen :-O wahnsinn! schaut aus als wärs echt mal ne nette abwechslung zu rein schwarzen festivals gewesen!

MindLess said...

@ Ramona: Ja, war mal was anderes! Und ein bisschen Krach und Dreck belebt ungemein, ich denke es wird ab jetzt jedes Jahr ein Metalfestival für mich geben!

Fräulein Nachtschatten said...

Warum habe ich von diesem Festival noch nichts gehört, wenn da so tolle Bands auf einem Haufen spielen!? o_O

MindLess said...

@ Fräulein Nachtschatten: Weil es der Nachfolger vom Rock am Ring ist - also einer der beiden. Und weil es vorher am Nürburgring war und eben nicht im coolen Schalke... ;)