Friday, May 29, 2015

WGT 2015 - Saturday and Sunday

The WGT Saturday noon is traditionally reserved for the community meeting for my favourite sewing forum. And as usual, we had boatloads of fun!

 photo 20150523_1635151_zpsdzoztcut.jpg

 photo 20150523_162906_zps0jyyzpuw.jpg

Later, we walked around a bit and ended up getting dressed down on the Moritzbastei, were we consumed some alcohol which made me miss several conserts! In the evening, I saw Goethe's Erben and made a little shopping trip at the AGra - although I didn't buy anything!

On Sunday, we went to the Egyptian Museum and saw pyramids, scarabee bugs and real mummies!

I spent the day dressed very casually, which lead to some comments by my acquaintances - but really, if you don't like me dressed casually, I don't like you when I'm dressed to the nines!

Very much later on, we went to the Göttertanz, a dark romantic dance. And I put all the styling effort into that:

 photo 20150525_023018_zpsiato5tti.jpg

Although I made the corset and the shoulder wrap with feathers myself, the rest is bought (head dress: Nox Aurum, Skirt: Gift from Neisella, I only added a buttload of rhinestones)! The dance was nice, but a little full and warm. After 2-3 hours we went home and fell into our beds!

Week in Review 22/2015

What did I see?
This week I saw paintings of handsome guys that represent astrological constellations and planets. They are painted by Magdalena Pagowska, go check out her page for more of them!



What did I listen to?
Die Kammer - Sinister Sister (best concert @ WGT this year)

What did I ask myself?
Can I make it? Or should I fake it 'til I make it?

What did I read?
The program for Grüne Hölle, I'm going to see Metallica tonight!

What did I work on?
I ripped decorations of a dress and hand washed a lot of clothes...

I was happy about...
WGT, meeting my friends and having a few days off!

I was annoyed about...
Doing nothing all day long. I'm so boring! ^^

I bought...

Thursday, May 28, 2015

WGT 2015 - Thursday and Friday

As every year, there were some minor problems with arriving in Leipzig. The German Bahn was not working properly, so the lovely Neisella picked me up at home. We did a little detour and had some traffic jam, but we made it in time for sushi (at Shiki Sushibar, which was okay) with some of the best dressed people at WGT. I still wonder how I ended up there... ;)

On friday, The options were to go to Viona's Victorian Village or visit the Vicorian Picknick. Due to the overabbundance of misbehaving photographers, we decided to give the Village a try. I seriously have no desire to feel like a zoo animal with having my pictures taking by everyone who can hold a camera and for reasons I do not dare speculating about! And I'm not alone with my opinion, as this German article shows...

Well anyway, the Victorian Village was slightly better than the Picknick photographer-wise, but althought he location was beautiful and the weather was great, it just did not feel right. I was sceptical beforehands when a costume contest was announced - as I do wear what I like for me and not to be compared with others. The atmosphere just felt off!

 photo IMG-20150522-WA00001_zpsqyqw75zv.jpeg

By the way, this was what I wore during the day, but I dressed way more casual in the evening to eat something at my favourite restaurant in Leipzig, Rizzi. Later on we tried to see Solstafir, but I left the actual concert after 2 songs. It was way to warm and corwded inside, but we just listened from right outside the concert hall and had a lovely chat between friends!

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Mina Harker dress - Corset

Sorry for disappearing from the face of the earth, but with WGT nearing and my programming course and sports and a social life, I spent the rest of my waking time like this instead of blogging:

But I finished my outfit in time to wear it AND even made a second one! I'll start with showing you the corset in more detail... I used a red and black shot taffeta from my favourite seller (4 Euros per meter ^^) and lace and decorations I got from Stoklasa. The pattern was "Ruby" by Harlots and Angels.  I love the little sleeves as my very white arms look gigantic against darker fabrics...  Here you can see a picture of the full outfit which I wore to the community meeting of my favourite sewing forum:

 photo 20150523_1628551_zpsezxeh8ya.jpg

 photo 20150523_1635151_zpsdzoztcut.jpg

As you can see, the corset is pretty much perfect in the back, but the front is not the best asset. In fact, it is too large and I think I will rework it before wearing it outside again... Although I love the high front, it is indeed a bit to high and too loose. The gaping problem results from the bones that do not end at the upper part of the corset but below the sleeves. I might take another peak into the manual which I completely ignored while sewing. My fault, entirely!

 photo IMG_6915_zpsdysv5cit.jpg

The corset is lined in white cotton satin with snow owls and has an interlining of my muslin (which was made from thick cotton table clothes and not muslin!).

 photo IMG_6914_zpszuhakhhe.jpg

The sleeves are lined with black tafeta which was a small leftover piece from the underskirt.

 photo IMG_6916_zpsruxuwhmc.jpg

I added some chains of black faceted pearls - restrung and added the night before we headed off to Lepizig!

 photo IMG_6917_zps0euawo18.jpg

Did you ever sew something from Harlots and Angels? Maybe you have tips on Ruby-sewing for future trials?

Friday, May 22, 2015

Week in Review 21/2015

What did I see?
Modern recreation of old paintings? I love the The essence of decadence which was taken by Tania Brassesco and Lazlo Passi Norberto!

What did I listen to?
Solstafir  - Fjara

What did I ask myself?
Why can't all days be like these?

What did I read?
Job adds. And Psychokiller by Anonymous. Which is a really bad book about a B movie town, prostitutes and - you guessed it!- a psychotic killer. Not worth anyone's time!

What did I work on?
Some last minute seams, but sewing starts again next week. Maybe! ^^

I was happy about...
WGT, meeting old friends and making new ones! Seeing great bands! And my lovely boyfriend, who without the sllightest annoyance cut my spiral boning for the corset late at night <3 br="">

I was annoyed about...

I bought...
Some gears and clock hands. And lots of food and drinks!

Friday, May 15, 2015

Week in Review 20/2015

What did I see?
This week I saw paintings of handsome guys as representations of astrological signs or planets. They were painted by Magdalena Pagowska, go check out her page for more of them!


What did I listen to?
VNV Nation - Nemesis

What did I ask myself?
Oh sh*t, were are my bones gone?

What did I read?
Grimm's fairy tales and a little bit about clock genes

What did I work on?
A corset and a skirt. Boy, having the weekend in Prague plus a normal life really set me back on sewing. I hope I can make it till WGT. Especially since I lack spiral boning for the corset... D'Oh!

I was happy about...
Seeing my boyfriend after 5 days and getting the best hugs and kisses ever!

I was annoyed about...
Me not checking my stash in time. Now I hope that the bones arrive on time...

I bought...
Boning. And an Urban Decay eyeliner because it really was that good as everyone claims!

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Prague - Part 2

After the general sight seeing, I also wanted to do some fabric shopping! I first went to Flex Tex, located behind Holešovická tržnice. Although the Internet told me the shop would be one the cheap side, I didn't find anything useful there. And the prices matched normal shops in Germany, so no need to buy "cheap". I did not take a picture, but the store is on the same street as Stoklasa, my Internet seller of rhinestones and trims!

 photo 20150507_152032_zpslmeulw7u.jpg

The second place (Latky Galanterie – corner of Budescka and Moravska – Vinohrady. Prague 2) I went to was unfortunately closed although I was there during the official selling times. There was also no sign saying anything about holidays (or rather no sign at all, my Czech is virtually none existant!)... Bummer!

 photo 20150508_142947_zpsb83yhbzr.jpg

Another sight I wanted to see was the ossuarium (bone church) in Kutna Hora.It is located about 75km outside Prague which was a train ride of about 1h each way. I had a book with me, so the time passed quickly and it was definetively worth the trip. The whole church is decorated with bones by monks in the 15th century! 

It was rather small, but very impressive. You should go there if you can! I paid about 12 Euros for the trip including the visit of the church...

I also visited the Mucha museum in Prague which was NOT worth the money spent. It cost about 10 Euros and we were done with it in 30 minutes. The pictures are nice, but I'd rather just recomment the Museum shop which showed the same pcitures and was free - if you can avoid buying stuff, that is...

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Prague - Part 1

For a conference I went to Prague last weekend! This was my second trip to Prague actually, I went on a shoestring student budget with a friend years ago. I really loved the architecture and the wonderful food last time, so I was glad to see Prague again!

I won't bore you with the scientific stuff, let's just say everything went according to plan! I met some colleagues from other work groups and had some nice chats. I spent some evenings and one and a half day off, so I had some time for sight seeing!

 photo 20150506_110154_zpscwsakvyp.jpg
Right in front of the National Museum

 photo 20150507_185323_zps3i1obnu4.jpg
The National Theatre

 photo 20150507_210048_zps8zugwxgh.jpg
The market place in the evening

 photo 20150508_143808_zps7qym3yfn.jpg
Moldavia, the restaurant I visited years ago with my friend

 photo 20150508_162415_zpsehz1egkk.jpg
Prague castle from the castle gardens

 photo 20150508_163125_zpspizfmzci.jpg
St Peter's cathedral

Have you been to Prague? What did I miss?

Monday, May 11, 2015

Little helpers - Tailor's ham

Although I'm not so keen on ironing, the more I sew the more I iron. It really does make stuff look more professional and it some cases is necessary. On the other hand, i reduced my iron-on- interfacing use dramatically because I use underlining more. Well, anyway: Ironing. I do it and I bought a cool tool which I actually use pretty often - A Tailor's ham!

What is it good for?
It is actually a bag which is stuffed with wood shavings to make a compact and round thingamajig to put into coat shoulders or set sleeves for ironing. Doesn't sound impressive?

 photo IMG_6887_zpsioduatio.jpg

Well, my mum used it once and now wants her own! It really helps to get rid of wrinkles in coat sleeves as the fabric is ironed in the form that it should stay and you can use the warm wet heat (that will generate strange visits to my blog, I can see it coming! ^^) to move the fabric and reduce wrinkles from sewing!

What does it cost?
After struggling to find a German word for Tailor's ham (hint: Schneiderschinken doesn't work), I found one on amazon for 6 Euros including shipping. You could also make one yourself, but for that cost, why bother with the mess?

Who needs this?
Everyone and their mom! It helps to make garments, it helps to iron (bought) garments, it reduces trouble to iron blouses (you know, the booby-does-not-stay-flat-part?!) and it is even rather cheap. Go ahead and get one already!

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's day

I love my mom and I know for certain she will read this here:

We normally don't celebrate this holiday because
  1. I don't believe in the hype about getting gifts for holidays. I don't need to buy my mum flowers to show her my appreciation
  2. I love my mum 365 days a year, why give her something once?
  3. I'm not even sure if it is worth for mothers to only get love and gifts on a day definded for this purpose because it is a obligation
But I thought that showing a comic here won't hurt anyone and I'll give her my love and possibly gifts whenever I think it is relevant! Thanks mom, for making me! ;)

Friday, May 8, 2015

Week in Review 19/2015

What did I see?
This week I saw pretty mixed media paintings by Redd Walitzki. The series "When we break"shows females that are beautiful and fragile with a creepy touch:

What did I listen to?
VNV nation on the flight

What did I ask myself?
Can I get rid of my stage fright?

What did I read?
A lot of scientific posters

What did I work on?
Mina Harker's dress

I was happy about...
Visiting Prague and speaking at a conference!

I was annoyed about...
It was such a long time since the last English talk that I'm kind of nervous if I can make it...

I bought...
Some yarn and souveniers

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

If at first you don't succeed...

... dust yourself off and try again, try again! *Singing in my best "Aaliyah" voice* Let us talk about failing... I know that we bloggers tend to write about successes. If you are not particularly careful and keep it real, it is easy to suggest to readers that we live in an ever clean world (were no trash or dirty clothes lies around, every surface is always clean and the sun shines warmly through freshly cleaned windows onto carefully arranged flower...) where only good things happen. So. not. true!

My flat often looks like a bunch of angry Belgians threw a trash party. Sometimes the photo corner or the table are the only clean things in my home. Carefully arranged flowers have a general life expectancy of 5 days, but might stay in their vase much longer, drying up. Plus you can generally find at least a shirt and two socks laying somewhere on the floor.

Same with sewing. I present the finished costumes here, but you never get to see the amount of blood, sweat and tears that went into them. And the curses, let's not forget the curses! ;) I know why I refrain from taking work in progress pictures as I'm messy as h*ll, screw up and reconfigure all the time and my seam ripper is my best friend.

I use the wrong fabric for my projects and end up with horrible things like this:

 photo IMG_6893_zpskacgcvqp.jpg

In case you are wondering, this is the other, knotted version of my waterfall to go shirt pattern Simplicty 1716. I tried and I failed. Partly because I can't for the life of me figure out how to knot it without strangling myself, partly because my thick good quality jersey is probably to thick to form a nice knot. Bummer, into the trash it went!

 Or look at this beauty:

 photo IMG_6906_zpskiuedkrq.jpg

 photo IMG_6905_zpssoxbzphd.jpg

Although I measured twice and cut once, I somehow ended up with a skirt which is much shorter on one side than the other. I measured; it is a 12cm difference on a floor length skirt. How can that happen? No idea! Especially after years of sewing experience... I'm now onto repairing it by moving the shorter part down!

How is your sewing going? Did you have any major meltdowns lately? Or is everything running smoothly?

Monday, May 4, 2015

Little helper - Zigzag scissors

In addition to the nromal scissors, I have some extra ones with zigzag cut. They might be a tad less useful, but looks pretty and are not that expensive...

What is it good for?
If you cut fabrics with zig zag scissors, they (should/can) not fray. I say should here because in theory, that is true. But satin weaves still fray as you can see in my wawawoom dress and it annoys me to no end. But generally, the fabric does not fray and you can have really flat seams that way. Which might be nice for thin fabric where a serger hem or even french seams might be visible.

 photo IMG_6884_zpsaznqpu0k.jpg

Also, this is THE seam finish for historical clothes. Often used and pretty durable! And you can use them for decoration as the zig zag pattern on the side of the fabric looks cool...

What does it cost?
I got mine chep on a flea market, but they can get expensive. After Sarah Harrington's helpful hint last week, I checked Ikea and they also have zig zag scissors for 4 Euros. This is really cheap!

Who needs this?
As I said, they are not necessary, but nice to have. And for 4 Euros, what can go wrong?

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Sunday Sweet - Chocolate pudding

This Sunday, I was feeling somehow sad and had a certain need for soul food. And what better soul food is there than hot selfmade chocolate pudding?

 photo IMG_6883_zpsq0mzu6bo.jpg

Really simple, but also really good and it helped the craving!