Monday, April 27, 2015

Monthly homework assignment - Nature

It is time for yet another episode of:

Dear readers, it's that wonderful time of the month again! It's Homework Assignment time and this month I have a rather easy assignment for you. The theme of the month is NATURE. Yup, that's it. I originally wanted to do something along the lines of spring, but I didn't want to exclude my Southern Hemisphere friends who are experiencing fall at the moment. So, NATURE is general enough to inspire some awesome posts. Remember, you don't have to be so literal with these theme posts. Be creative: come up with a cool outfit inspired by some element in NATURE, or show us your photos from your latest hike in the woods. Perhaps you have some awesome accessories made from natural elements like bones? Or maybe you paint landscapes or botanicals? Think outside the box, be creative and have fun!

Since spring is blooming and blossoming all over Germany now, I thought I might show you some pretty flowers! I was visiting my dad over the Easter weekend and he invited us to a local flower garden. I was kind of surprised how many lovely plant reproductive organs were already out there flounting their goods!

 photo 20150405_1413581_zpsankbtzyj.jpg

 photo 20150405_1416491_zps1z9385xc.jpg

Although I prefer living in the city, I have some smaller forrests right around the corner. It is not that I don't like nature and greens in general, but I need human entertainment around me. I find walks in the woods to be tremendously relaxing, so I might do one this week...

 photo 20150405_1426421_zpsbmi70ndt.jpg

 photo 20150405_1439311_zpscctnuvyb.jpg

Thanks, Professor Z for always coming up with nice topics for discussion! I love to read other's opinions and thoughts about the homework you give us!


Sylvie D said...

those are some very beautiful flowers. We have none in bloom here yet and I can't wait!

Ramona said...

auch wunderhübsch! und so ein paar pflänzchen kann man ja auch als stadtmensch haben, auf dem balkon oder der fensterbank :-)

MindLess said...

@ Sylvie D: I guess you are coming from Canada, then? They will come, it might just take some more time!

@ Ramona: Ja, nur mien schwarzer Daumen steht dem im Weg! Tapfer trotzen ihm bisher eine Aloe, 2 Orchideen und 2 Einblätter. Aber sonst sind Topfpflanzen und ich uns nicht grün... -.-'

Anonymous said...

Beautiful blossom (and flowers). We've just come into blossom here in the UK, feels like spring has finally sprung :)

MindLess said...

@ breakingtheangel: Then you must live up north because at least Bath is much quicker with pretty blossoms than we Germans are!

The Professor said...

Ooooo, pretty! When does it "feel" like spring in Germany? Here it all depends on how cold and how snowy our winter was. This year the leaves on the trees were just starting to "pop" at the beginning of May.

Thanks for participating!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...


MindLess said...

@ The Professor: The trees started to green in early April (which is pretty unusual, but it was rather warm). It feels like spring when it smells like spring an that happened in the end of april here.

@ Vulcan Butterfly: Thanks!