Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Little helpers - Sharp scissors

This week I moved the posting date a little to make room for the Professor's homework assignment. But today I'll talk a bit about the most important tool a seamstress should have: A good pair of scissors!

What is it good for?
Well for cutting of course! Not only do sharp scissors help you cut also the finest of fabrics, they help to reduce pressure during cutting on your wrist. Depending on the amount of sewing you do, the unusual moves during cutting can hurt your wrist and in the long run might even damage the wrist so much that you need medical attendance! Also, good sharp scissors will help you through the d*mned cutting process before finally being allowed to sew! You will need scissors with a length of 8-10 inches (20-25cm) for cutting fabric and smaller ones to cut threads or notches...

 photo IMG_6885_zps0vyh8rjb.jpg

How much does it cost?
That highly depends. I guess you get what you pay for, so good scissors are not exactly cheap. I estimate that you should invest 25-30 Euros at least. Or you could buy old scissors on a flea market and get them sharpened again - You should keep an eye open for brands like Solinger Steel in Germany or Fiskars and Gingher in the US. If you can recommend other brands, please do so in the comments!

Who needs this?
As I said, if you seriously want to get into sewing, you should invest here. If you can't afford them, the make an awesome present for Christmas and Birthdays!


Sarah Harrington said...

I've brought loads of scissors and spent don't different amount on them. The best pair sewing scissors I've ever brought were from Ikea and paid about 2 pound for them

MindLess said...

@ Sarah Harrington: Thanks for the info! I never looked for scissors at Ikea, might be worth a try. The price sounds great at least so it won't hurt to try...