Monday, April 6, 2015

Liebster Award

Janina Zebraspider and Kakuidori both nominated me for the Liebster Award. I think I already got one some time ago, but I'd still love to answer their questions! Thanks for thinking of me, girls! The award requires some things:
  1. Thank the person that nominated you - I think I did!
  2. Answer the questions from the person that nominated you
  3. Make up 11 questions
  4. Nominate 10 people - I will not do this, but fell free to answer the questions I will post below!
Janina's questions first:

1. Was war dein erster Blogpost und warum? (What was your first post and why did you post it?)
 My first post was in June 2009, which was pretty long ago. It was about money saving and the food I ate. I think I was inspired by the many blogs I read and wanted some publicity for public pressure to stick to my goals. Didn't work, though... I quickly moved from those topics to fashion and sewing!

2. Was gefällt dir am Bloggen, was nicht so? (What do you like about blogging and what don't you like?)
I love the diversity of blogs I read so I just wanted to add to this. I often thought that I wasn't really productive and my blog really shows me that I do produce things and that the stuff I make is often really pretty. I don't like writing at all. But I'm proud that I keep up a more or less regular posts!

3. Was nervt dich an anderen Blogs? (What annoys you in other blogs?)
Suddenly dying blogs. When I discover a blog I read it from start to fnish. And if the blogger stops posting I feel deprived...

4. Hattest du schon mal einen DIY-Flop? (Did you ever produce a DIY flop?)
More than enough... Some are posted on this blog!

5. Wie viele UFOs hast du momentan? (How many UFOs do you have at the moment?)
 About 5, actually. One of them is my next DIY flop and will be thrown away soon. Maybe after finishing this post! 

6. Was ist dein Lieblingsbuch? Hast du vielleicht eine Empfehlung für ein Kreativbuch? (What is your favourite book? Do you have DIY book recommendation?)
 My favourite book of all time is "Spares" by Michael Marshal Smith. I posted about this before... The only DIY books I read are about historical sewing techniques and patterns.
7. Was war auf dem Foto, das du zuletzt gemacht hast?  (What was on the last picture you took?)
 Crunchy frogs!

8. Welches Kleidungsstück ist typisch für dich? (What garment is typical for you?)
I'm not sure, I wear a variety of styles. Maybe cardigans?

9. Bist du tätowiert? Wenn ja, wo und was? (Do you have a tattoo?)
Yes, I'm! I have a DNA plasmid on my back, right between my shoulder blades!

10. Was möchtest du im Leben unbedingt erlebt haben? (What do you want to do with your life?)
 Travel the world! And really the whole world, including north pole and Antarctica!

11. Was ist dein Lieblingskuchen? :) 
 Cheesecake! That was an easy one...

And now on to kakuidori's questions:
– Do you believe in spirit animals or a connection to animals in any way?
I do believe that animals have their own personalities and that you can form friendships with them. But a spiritual connection is hard to believe in as an atheist!

– What was your favourite city you’ve been travelling to so far?
I loved most of the cities I've been to. My recent favourite is Capetown, I'd move there in an instant!

– If you could live as any creature in any time and any place you’d like, what would it look like?
I think after careful consideration, I'd end up in my own life again. I'd love to time travel and see how the people lived in the past, but I prefer my modern comfortable life. And I love the consciousness I have as a human!

– Why did you start blogging and are you still blogging about the same subject/s?
As I said above, I started for money saving and food control, but I think my range now is much wider and I consider this blog my sewing dairy open to the world!

– How did you come up with your blogs name?
Well, what more than mindless occupation is blogging? And how can somebody more selfindulgent that by writing exclusively about oneself?

– Favorite Season?
Winter! I love snow and cold and ice!

– Who is your favourite Villain?
I think King Jeoffrey from Game of Thrones. He is just a natural beast and as misantropic as one can get!

– What are you afraid of – any phobia?
I'm afraid of heights. But otherwise, I don't fear any specific animals or things...

– Vampires, Werewolves, Zombies?
I don't believe in them and I would not want to be one of them. But I'm well prepared for the "Zombie apocalypse" in case there is one - which might be not caused by zombies but a disease or war!

– What would be your top wardrobe staple?
I think cardigans. Or maybe fabric, so I can sew new stuff!

– Would you prefer a night at the club / a bar or on the couch or in nature?
I like all of them. Depending on my mood, I can dance the night away or spend the night watching movies with friends. I also love spending time in nature or drinking at the bar!

And now on to my own questions...
  1. Do you have someone you admire? For what?
  2. Why do you blog?
  3. Do you have any pets?
  4. What fear have you overcome?
  5. What part of a garment is your favourite part of sewing?
  6. Do you cook? 
  7. What is your favourite meals?
  8. Do you have a favourite aesthetic? Which one?
  9. What is your favourite band?
  10. Do you have a green thumb?
  11. What is your least favourite colour? Why?
As I said, I don't nominate anyone, but feel free to answer my questions and pass on the award!


Janina said...

Interessante Antworten ;) Hätt gar nicht gedacht, daß du mal ganz anders mit dem Bloggen angefangen hast.
Ich hab mittlerweile auch ein Stückchen DNA tätowiert :D

MindLess said...

@ Janina: Naja, man wird ja älter und vernünftiger...^^ Ich würde ja zu gerne deine DNA sehen! VIelleicht machen wir mal einen Tattoo-Post?

Ramona said...

und wieder ein sammel post, find ich gut, noch mehr ausgequetscht hihi <3

MindLess said...

@ Ramona: Klingt ein bisschen stalkerisch! ^^