Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Eva Dress by YourStyleRocks

After Frau Vau mentioned on her blog that the Eva dress by YourStyleRocks is on her to sew list, I got a little sewing envy and wanted to make that dress as well. The model looks really laid back but has some sweet little details like a waterfall collar and folds that hide a tummy. This time the print was considerable more pages that 16 (the short shrug) and that is why it took longer to make the dress. the patterns were printed on the same day... *oops*

Another problem which only appeared after completing and cutting the pattern was that I DID NOT HAVE ENOUGH MATCHING BLACK JERSEY! The screaming was necessary to remind everyone that I NEED to buy more fabric which is absolutely not my fault. Ahem. I solved this problem by using a black polka dot jersey which I recently got at the fabric market. The dress was sewn when I visited Paisleystern but has not yet been worn outside the house. Lousy weather we currently have...

 photo IMG_6848_zpsywaoykov.jpg

 photo IMG_6851_zpskbqhu2dm.jpg

While I am really happy about trying this pattern and love the fit, my use of two different fabrics now bites me in the backside... The front and back look good, but the mismatched fabrics at the sides bug me. Like a lot. Which is why I consider to buy more jersey and sew another dress...

 photo IMG_6852_zpsnsdkpiiw.jpg

 photo IMG_6849_zpsk0eqbqon.jpg

Pattern Review
Again, I never cared for the instructions, but the pattern pieces are pretty much self-explainatory after 3-4 sewn dresses. This one has no sleeves - which makes things even easier- and is made from stretchy fabrics - which pretty much eliminates fitting issues once you know the correct size. The pattern pieces matched together beautifully and the final result looks like the model - not accounting my "brilliant idea" of using two different fabrics. Heartily recommended!

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