Friday, March 6, 2015

Week in Review 10/2015

What did I see?
This week I fell in love with Justyna Neryng's portraits of fairytale children!  They display the evolution of child to women and are strange, soft and powerful at the same time:

What did I listen to?
Marusha - Somewhere over the rainbow

What did I ask myself?
How can I eliminate this problem?

What did I read?
Work literature. And stuff about SMART goals.

What did I work on?
Nothing much, I cleared my room and added a new storage unit.

I was happy about...
Getting my serger back

I was annoyed about...
My serger being broken

I bought...


Laura Morrigan said...

That first swan maiden type picture! Wow! The others are fascinating too!

MindLess said...

@ Laura Morrigan: Especially interesting because many swan appear now in my newsfeed because of Gala nocturna's theme Swanlake!