Friday, February 27, 2015

Week in Review 9/2015

What did I see?
In case you ever wondered how historically dressed ladies fare in modern surroundings, the American Duchess may answer your question. See this video to see how different epochs get into a car!

What did I listen to?
Steinkind - Deutschland brennt!

What did I ask myself?
Am I a good friend?

What did I read?
A little bit of "Journey to the Center of the Earth"by Jules Verne. Pretty catchy actually, but I loved his style in "20,000 miles below the sea" and "In 80 days around the world"!

What did I work on?
A dress, but I just started. And then the serger broke... But the replacement is here, so more sewing for me!

I was happy about...
Finishing something at work. And starting another thing that very second!

I was annoyed about...
Guess what? Only the serger, not so much my work!

I bought...
A new speed control for the serger!


Neisella Nightshade said...

Das Video ist zum schreien :D

MindLess said...

@ Neisi: Ich hab auch so gelacht, sogar Sebi fand es lustig!