Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blow tube

And now for something completely different... My serger is still not working and I'm waiting for the pedal replacement. I was not looking forward to starting even more projects - stuff that I could sew with my regular sewing machine, because d*mn, you get dependent on the luxury of sewing and debasting in one go!

On my last sewing date with Paisleystern and Meara, we did not only sew (or rather cut fabric into pieces and nag about how hard that is), but we also built blow tubes. It all started with gun-ho Paisleystern who showed us her amazing arsenal. In case of a zombie apocalypse, she is well prepared with range weapons like bows and arrows and combat weaponry like knifes and axes. She also had a blow tube laying around and I could not resist playing with it. Later on she mentioned that this was self made and after a tutorial by the King of Random:

And when we realised that:
  1. the hardware store is still open
  2. we would also like to own some blow tubes
  3. and we still have some time and energy on our hands
We got into blow tube mass production. Actually, we made 4, but for not even knowing that we "needed" one, this is an awful lot! ;)

We made the following modifications: We used aluminium tubes which the friendly assistant in the hardware store cut to size for us. We also didn't cover the tube with fancy tape because aluminium is pretty on it's own. Before we got the aluminium tubing, we thought about using DC Fix (self adhesive foil) in fancy carbon or marble, but they look great enough like this! And because we were all a bit stupid, we bought flashlights instead of lasers, so ours are only night vision and not laser assisted. We might add that later, though! And now look at this beauty:

 photo IMG_6762_zps90e62606.jpg

The pen is for a size estimate, the full length is 50cm. The flashlight was very professionally taped to the aluminium tube by Paisleystern:

 photo IMG_6763_zpsb6ee721a.jpg

After the blow tubes were done, we needed ammunition. We got really professional on that (no one hard burned fingers from the glue gun, we made enough darts for everyone and I'm totally not lying to you here) and finished pretty girly darts with flowers. Because we can!

 photo IMG_6765_zpsa48b780e.jpg

The fourth blow tube with ammunition was given to my boyfriend and he deemed it "the best f*cking Valentine's gift he ever received". Although it wasn't a Valentine's gift, but a gift I gave him on the 14th of February and could have been given to him any other day of the month as well. Anyway, since we are both owners of pretty blow tubes, we started making little shooting contests (for aim! not on each other!) and they are really funny. Although he has much better "blowage power" as he can dunk the nails into the wall and I only into cardboard, cork oak panels and wood...

If you have an hour and nothing to do, go out and build your own blow tube! It was fun to make them and improved (at least my) relationship! ;)


Janina said...

Cooles Projekt! Das sollte ich mal meinem Freund zeigen (schenken?)...
Achja, wenn man erstmal eine Ovi hat, will man sie nicht mehr missen ;)

Jade said...

Such lovely and hilarious post! :D Love it! Doing something like that out of the blue is amazing, and ended up you owning a blow tube, which is even more amazing. :D

MindLess said...

@ Janina: Genau, Ovi ist Liebe! Und ja, macht doch einen gemeinsame Basteltag, es dauert nicht so lange und ist cool und günstig! Wir lagen so bei 10 Eu pro Rohr...

@ Jade: Thank you! I should realy be more spontaneous, most of the time it is so much fun!

Unknown said...

Du kommst auf Gedanken *gg* :-D
Tolles Spielzeug, hatte mal eine (gekaufte) Mini-Armbrust mit Saugnäpfen, die sorgte auch für viel Spass, aber selbstgebaut ist ja noch viel toller. So könnte ich vielleicht sogar meinen Freund mal zum basteln bringen^^

MindLess said...

@ Ette: Es ist wirklich ein cooles, schnelles und günstiges Projekt! Und soooooo männlich! ^^