Friday, February 27, 2015

February Homework Assignment: Beautiful Sounds

This month's homework assignment is all about the Sound of Music:
It's Monthly Homework announcement time! WAHOO! For this month's assignment I'd like for you to blog about the most beautiful piece of music that you've ever heard. Keep in mind this isn't about a piece of music that influenced you or is part of the soundtrack of your life. Rather, it's music that aesthetically moves you. Please tell us what the piece of music is, who composed/wrote it, why you love it, and how it moves you. And if you want to be visual, show us images that you associate with this music. Ah, I know, I sound all artsy don't I? Your homework is due on February 26-28.
 The band I saw a mere 2 weeks ago accompanies me with their music for more than 10 years now. It all started with a white album with a white rabbit on it in my teens and I still love hearing Alexander Veljanov sing. How important that music is for me can already be seen in the fact that not only I know the bands name but also the name of the lead singer! I'm notoriously bad at remebering names and have a hard time memorizing band names as well. Ususally I ask my boyfriend who made the song I'm currently listening to. The song I'd like to talk about today is "Where you are" by Deine Lakaien:

The song is about taking wrong decisions in life and that important people in your life might not be around if you wait for too long. The lyrics are:

i did join the race
hunting for success
selling dreams was all i knew
for the rising stars and i did work hard/my important part
all my feelings are with you

where i am
where you are

and i changed my life
and i moved outside
where the water is clear and pure
where the lands are wide
where the air is bright
all my feelings are with you

where i am
where you are

and i walk up the hill
and i can't stand still
'till the day of our last rendez-vous
and the leaves turn red
and i bow my head
all my feelings are with you

where i am
where you are

I think I might have taken a wrong turn when starting at my current job. I invested too much time, worked overtime and neglected myself and my friends. I'm trying to make up for it now. I'll try to find a new job with better working conditions. Somewhere where overtime is not expected (or at least paid well), where I don't come on the weekends and where I have more energy for my free time which makes me much happier and relaxed.

Fortunately, my friends and family did not mind being set back behind work so long, so I did not lose anyone because of my decision yet. And I'll do my very best to change my ways now that my time of "selling dreams" and "hunting for success" are over! And besides the great lyrics, the music is wonderful and Alexander's voice makes me goosebumbs every time I hear it!

Week in Review 9/2015

What did I see?
In case you ever wondered how historically dressed ladies fare in modern surroundings, the American Duchess may answer your question. See this video to see how different epochs get into a car!

What did I listen to?
Steinkind - Deutschland brennt!

What did I ask myself?
Am I a good friend?

What did I read?
A little bit of "Journey to the Center of the Earth"by Jules Verne. Pretty catchy actually, but I loved his style in "20,000 miles below the sea" and "In 80 days around the world"!

What did I work on?
A dress, but I just started. And then the serger broke... But the replacement is here, so more sewing for me!

I was happy about...
Finishing something at work. And starting another thing that very second!

I was annoyed about...
Guess what? Only the serger, not so much my work!

I bought...
A new speed control for the serger!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Blow tube

And now for something completely different... My serger is still not working and I'm waiting for the pedal replacement. I was not looking forward to starting even more projects - stuff that I could sew with my regular sewing machine, because d*mn, you get dependent on the luxury of sewing and debasting in one go!

On my last sewing date with Paisleystern and Meara, we did not only sew (or rather cut fabric into pieces and nag about how hard that is), but we also built blow tubes. It all started with gun-ho Paisleystern who showed us her amazing arsenal. In case of a zombie apocalypse, she is well prepared with range weapons like bows and arrows and combat weaponry like knifes and axes. She also had a blow tube laying around and I could not resist playing with it. Later on she mentioned that this was self made and after a tutorial by the King of Random:

And when we realised that:
  1. the hardware store is still open
  2. we would also like to own some blow tubes
  3. and we still have some time and energy on our hands
We got into blow tube mass production. Actually, we made 4, but for not even knowing that we "needed" one, this is an awful lot! ;)

We made the following modifications: We used aluminium tubes which the friendly assistant in the hardware store cut to size for us. We also didn't cover the tube with fancy tape because aluminium is pretty on it's own. Before we got the aluminium tubing, we thought about using DC Fix (self adhesive foil) in fancy carbon or marble, but they look great enough like this! And because we were all a bit stupid, we bought flashlights instead of lasers, so ours are only night vision and not laser assisted. We might add that later, though! And now look at this beauty:

 photo IMG_6762_zps90e62606.jpg

The pen is for a size estimate, the full length is 50cm. The flashlight was very professionally taped to the aluminium tube by Paisleystern:

 photo IMG_6763_zpsb6ee721a.jpg

After the blow tubes were done, we needed ammunition. We got really professional on that (no one hard burned fingers from the glue gun, we made enough darts for everyone and I'm totally not lying to you here) and finished pretty girly darts with flowers. Because we can!

 photo IMG_6765_zpsa48b780e.jpg

The fourth blow tube with ammunition was given to my boyfriend and he deemed it "the best f*cking Valentine's gift he ever received". Although it wasn't a Valentine's gift, but a gift I gave him on the 14th of February and could have been given to him any other day of the month as well. Anyway, since we are both owners of pretty blow tubes, we started making little shooting contests (for aim! not on each other!) and they are really funny. Although he has much better "blowage power" as he can dunk the nails into the wall and I only into cardboard, cork oak panels and wood...

If you have an hour and nothing to do, go out and build your own blow tube! It was fun to make them and improved (at least my) relationship! ;)

Monday, February 23, 2015

Boring puffer

This week might be a tad slow because my serger broke yesterday and I have plenty of cut fabrics laying around but have a teeny-tiny problem sewing jerseys without the serger... But already on Friday I finished this Puffer inspired by the American Duchess:

 photo IMG_6766_zps96e3ce29.jpg

Like her's, mine is made from pre quilted fabric but I decided to go with the even more unhistorical version by adding elastic waistband. Now it fill fit however tight I'll lace my corset! And to make it more versatil, I chose a fabric which is black on one side and white on the other, so I can wear the Puffer with light and dark fabrics over it!

 photo IMG_6767_zpsa3a5e5a5.jpg

Actually, it was so easy to do that I finished it in a mere 30 minutes before work. I simply cut two rectangles from the fabric I bought, serged them together and seamed it with the serger as well. Then I sewed it to the elastic and called it a day...

Do you own a Puffer? I still have to wear it to learn how wonderful it is. Right now it just takes up space in my wardrobe! ^^

Friday, February 20, 2015

Gothic flea market and a little haul

There is a lovely gothic flea market in my area every 3 months. It is indoors inside a gothic/alternative club (Kulttempel Oberhausen in case you are from around here) so even in winter you can spend a lot of time roaming the halls. Most of the vendors are private and have no real shop which menas that lots of bargains can be found!

 photo 20150201_164751_zps0f61335b.jpg

 photo 20150201_164741_zps8c4f9398.jpg

There were two vendors specialised in head dresses. One of them already tempted me the last time I visited the gothic flea market, but that was on the way to Barcelona and a head dress would not have fitted in my suitcase, so buying was out of question. But just look at the gorgeous display of Nox Aurum (the lovely lady behind the table is the owner/maker of beautiful things):

 photo 20150201_162643_zps6498b969.jpg

You can probably imagine that I couldn't resist when one of the head dresses called my name? I had to adopt it and take it home!

 photo IMG-20150203-WA0002_zps7632a33d.jpeg

I love it! Of course it looks better with proper styling - and the band tied around my head instead of just trying it on. And since last weekend, I also own the right skirt for this outfit... Thanks, Neisella!

Week in Review 8/2015

What did I see?
In contrats to last week, this weeks pictures are created by man. Katarzyna Widmanska took pictures of modern Madonnas and although I'm not religious, I really like the imaginery and kitsch of these:

What did I listen to?
Deine Lakaien - Love me to the end. Live, because Neisella was ill and I took over her ticket for the show very last minute. It was so worth getting my lazy ass of the couch on sunday evening and coming home late!

What did I ask myself?
Does life really start where the comfort zone ends?

What did I read?
I finally finished "Geek love" by Katherine Dunn. What took me so long? The book was great with more twists and turns than I can count. I was just reading so much at work that I didn't read that much at home. And preferably German because it is more contrast to English job literature. So reading took the back burner at home. But now I finished it and can only say "Go read it. Now!"

What did I work on?
A shirt. And I copied some patterns which is my favourite hobby of all times - blargh!

I was happy about...
A great long weekend! And lots of love from the ever-great boyfriend!

I was annoyed about...
W-O-R-K. Less than 90 days to go!

I bought...
Fabric. And OCC lip tars. I was badly influenced by Vulcan Butterfly! *blush*

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Lace-y fishtail

Right now I have a really good turnover for fabric. This fishtail was sewn within one month after fabric shopping! I used a self-drafted pattern after the (German) instruction on Natron und Soda. I use this for every fishtail and love how simple and yet pretty it is!

 photo IMG_6756_zpsc41a255f.jpg

I was lazy and the fabric very stretchy, so I added a simple elastic for the waist. This also means it fits with corset as well as without... ;)

 photo IMG_6758_zpsf2d5e713.jpg

As the fabric was a little on the short side, I added a bit of lace around the hem. And another round a little higher, just because I could and had more matching lace!

 photo IMG_6759_zps0bf37b7a.jpg

How long do you take to turn the pretty fabrics you bought into garments or accessoirs? Do you buy fabrics for projects or do you store them until the inspiration hits?

Monday, February 16, 2015

Hip bag for sports

I'm currently visiting the gym more often - not because of a New Year's resolution, but because I generally want to feel better in my skin. And while I try to carry as few things as possible, I need handkerchievs and either music or my ebook reader depending on wether I want to use the bike or crosstrainer for warm up. And carrying all in the hands gets mightily annoying. So I searched for free patterns for hip bags and came up with the (German) "Werkzauber Gürteltasche" pattern by Werkzauber.

 photo IMG_6731_zps71a0de7c.jpg

 photo IMG_6732_zpsb26b79b6.jpg

 photo IMG_6733_zps151fe0b3.jpg

I made view 2 and it went together very easily! I put the zipper in much to high because I failed to find where to put it. And I lacked fabric to make the whole belt strap from it, so I added satin ribbon. Don't judge, I'm obviously so goth that I don't have cotton one at home... ;)

This weekend my Kam Snaps arrived which I wanted for the closure of the front pocket (not the Velcro from the pattern) but unfortunately, the seller included the wrong colours. There was a little sample baggy which had one black and one purple cover, so I used those. I really wanted to see the bag in action and it held up great. Even my kindle fits inside!

 photo IMG_6760_zps68b3358c.jpg

While my bag doesn't look exactly like the picture on the front, the pattern is simple and the pictured instructions are pretty clear. If you find yourself in need of a hip bag, go ahead!

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Sweet - Waffles

Today my lovely boyfriend made waffles for me. Better than any Valentine's Day gift he could have made me...

 photo IMG_6753_zps502c989e.jpg

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy Valentine's day!

It is not of particular interest for me - which is why I'm on a sewing date with Paisleystern and Meara today- but it never hurts to show someone your appreciation! And I am really happy that so many nice friends visit my blog and leave comments. Who would have thought that I keep this thing up for so long?!

Taken from here

Friday, February 13, 2015

(little) Illamasqua haul

When the annual Illamasqua sale was announced, I failed to resist. I really love their strange nail polishes which have amazing colours and finishes! I also love their eye liner which is well pigmented and stays put all day even while crying or enduring heavy rains...

This time I bougt another eyeliner. The colour I got was Havoc, a dark aubergine tone. I already have black (Abyss) and white (Scribe) so I think I'm settled for most situations!

I also got fake lashes that are just so lush but still natural! This is the first time I try their lashes, but I never heard anything bad of them...

 photo IMG_6737_zps62504469.jpg

Speaking of lashes, I also got bat lashes in a package with black nail polish with black glitter. Am I goth or what?! As soon as I wore both pairs of lashes, I will tell whether the bat lashes from Sugarpill or Illamasqua are better...

 photo IMG_6736_zpsf2d45919.jpg

Did you buy any make up recently? Do you have experiences with Illlamasqua?

Week in Review 7/2015

What did I see?
The artist I'd like to talk about is a old as time and has literally invented every colour of the world - our very own universe! These pics are taken by the NASA Hubble Space Telescope Images (via Hubble Heritage) and certainly look amazing:

What did I listen to?
A lot of audiobooks on youtube. For example "Käptn Konny" a German series from the 70s. Very retro and very cool!

What did I ask myself?
How long can 90 days just be?

What did I read?
"Simplify your life" by Werner Tiki Küstenmacher. I'm not sure I'd like to simplify everything according to the book, but some hints are pretty nice.

What did I work on?
A dress.

I was happy about...
Having two short weeks in a row!

I was annoyed about...
The usual suspects

I bought...
Probably fabric, I'm at a fabric shop with my mum while this post is getting published!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Comfy fail cardigan

I made another easy cardigan from the McCall's pattern M5241. I made one years ago and never wore it. I gave it away after a year of nit wearing it and never regretted it. I thought that was because of the slightly itchy fabric...

 photo IMG_6717_zpsaa509316.jpg

 photo IMG_6718_zps9b287ab1.jpg

 photo IMG_6719_zps31776850.jpg

Now I remember there was another issue. The pattern slips of my shoulders and leaves most of my front open and cold. The sleeves are great though. Do you have any idea how I could change the front to make it more wearable? Because I realy like the fabric this time... -.-#

Monday, February 9, 2015

Avant Garde shirt

After wearing a lot of colours lately, I was kinda surprised when I only bought black fabrics the last time I shopped. But well, the gothy-ness ebbs and flows with me! I feel more secure and more me in black, but sometimes I love to combine colours in my outfits... Maybe now is the black phase again?

Comes from here
Anyway, the shirt. I bought some netting with zigzag pleather strips and wanted to make a shirt from it. I chose a simple pattern (by taking one of my favourite shirts) because the fabric is crazy enough. We had some rough times while sewing - I ended up using a leather needle and took 10 minutes to get the tension right for the twin needle. But the end result looks cool and stylish:

 photo IMG_6714_zps8dd1a14d.jpg

 photo IMG_6716_zpsa7b91161.jpg

It is kind of strange to wear as the fabric is a bit stiff, but gets more stretchy when it reaches body temperature. I'll most likely wear it to a goth club soon, combined with skinny black pants and a black bra. Do you sometimes buy crazy fabrics?

Friday, February 6, 2015

First trial of Sugarpill Burning Heart

Here are my first trials with the Sugarpill cosmetics palette "Burning heart". Please keep in mind that I have no aspirations as a make up blogger and my pictures were taken indoor with a simple camera. I used all four colours in this make up:

 photo IMG_6707_zps48644c40.jpg

 photo IMG_6708_zps2b2471e1.jpg

I used a normal primer on the right and NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk on the left. This only made a difference for the yellow shade, theothers showed virtually no difference. I was positively surprised!

This pic was taken without flash. Still the colours are crazy bright! Do you know any tutorials with the palette that I should try out?

Week in Review 6/2015

What did I see?
I may not be very open about it, but I have a serious thing going on for Star Wars. Not the new episodes which are kinda okay, but never as good as the old ones (shush, I'm thirty now and allowed to say that things were better in the past!). And when I recently saw these cute Star Wars Terrariums, I finally realised a use for my Lego Star Wars figures...

What did I listen to?
Metallica - Frantic

What did I ask myself?
If I could have my wasted days back, would I use them to get back on track?!

What did I read?
Francois Lelord - Hector and the search for Happiness

What did I work on?
A bag

I was happy about...
Having a three day week next week!

I was annoyed about...
My attitude towards money

I bought...
Some gifts. That's it!

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Flash Gordon Hat

As I mentioned in the monthly homework assesment, I still had some fabric left from the Flash Gordon bustle and decided I needed a fancy ensemble for the Steampunk fair at the end of February. Isn't it incredible that I probably will make it on time? With like almost a month spare? I can hardly recognize myself! ^^

Anyway, the hat. I bought the pattern from Harlots and Angels when they had a sale around Christmas. I usually only buy patterns to cut and don't like to copy a pattern from larger sheets (like Burda or other sewing magazines) or print and assemble PDF patterns. But I thought a hat will not be many pieces, so this could work. The pattern I used was "The Abigail Promanade Hat" and it was indeed quickly assembled. Well the pattern itself was...

 photo IMG_6724_zpsd9a0469c.jpg

 photo IMG_6726_zps325ae790.jpg

 photo IMG_6730_zpsa266d08d.jpg

I used the Flash Gordon fabric as the upper fabric and lined the underside with leftover black poly lining. The hat was decorated with feathers, red trim and black fake flowers. It looks pretty cool when worn and absolutely distracts from my short hair. It is not a hat for shy people!

Now the little pattern review: It took me several weeks to figure it out before I even dared to cut it. My boyfriend was not able to help me with the assembly and I was only able to make some progress when I visited Neisella and she helped me. So I can't say it was exactly easy. Also, hat making is not an easy art - the glue is annoying, you need at least 5 hands to hold everyhing together while it dries and it takes forever! So the pattern is nothing for beginners and I'd recommend it to advanced intermediates. But it looks good, so it is worth hassle in the end!

Monday, February 2, 2015

Flash Gordon bolero

After the bustle inspired by Flash Gordon (aaaahhhh, Saviour of the Universe! *sing*), I also wanted to use the bolero pattern. My friend Siintra already sewed the bolero and let me try hers, and it was simply love! So I used the Asian inspired fabric and some plain black wool poly mix for the bolero part.

 photo IMG_6721_zpsb251b794.jpg

 photo IMG_6720_zps8d661c97.jpg

The decorative trim is also from Sintra who ordered it from Stoklasa in the Czech Republic. The bolero is not lined, but has some facings...

 photo IMG_6722_zps5f1a78e0.jpg

The pattern Simplicity 1819 went together smoothly. I changed the sleeves to integrate the fan fabric into the upper fabric but otherwise I siply followed the instructions and everything went together perfectly!

Since I finished a whole outfit almost a month before I need to wear it, I'd like to ask you: How are your time managment skills? Any seamstresses that (like me usually) sew the last bits of decoration on on the way to the event? ;)