Monday, January 5, 2015

Pattern weights - Katafalk Style

After year of using needles -and swearing over pinning my fingers or slippery fabrics that get tears from pins- I decided to try something new. Pattern weights, to be exact!

I found some to buy, but they were ridiculously expensive - I mean, they are just weights, I could use stones from outside. Why should I pay more than 20 Euros for ugly plastic coated metal in eye searing colours? So of course I decided to make some myself. I searched for different tutorials and found wrapped ones, sewn ones and finally the plaster ones that Katafalk made. She poured them from plaster with soap molds. I didn't have soap molds but I had something better:

 photo IMG_6654_zps0d5d91eb.jpg

 photo IMG_6656_zps94615725.jpg

 photo IMG_6657_zpsc3ea101a.jpg

I made Darth Vader pattern weights! I spray painted them black, brushed them with gunmetal colour and did a little clear overcoat. I added scrap metal (old screws, nails and other stuff) while pouring to make them heavier beause my modls are rather small - they are originally for ice cubes...

Do you use pattern weights or pins?


Jade said...

Those are marvelous! :D

MindLess said...

@ Jade: Thanks!

Laura Morrigan said...

Well these are just so awesome!

Ette Ett said...

Wow, Vader weights, I envy you!
I only pin when the pattern has to be very accurate or the fabric doesn't cooperate (I don't like to have holes in my paper patterns), most of the time I weight with everything that's lying around, scissors, small books, tape dispenser, the phone and so on.
Though I am very tempted to make my own weights now that I have seen yours, I fear they would only use space when not needed and I cope well without them, so I'll stick to my mingle-mangle style.

MindLess said...

@ Laura Morrigan: Thanks!

@ ette: I used to pin, but the weights are much better with large pattern pieces! And if you don't need them, don't make them. Nobody is _force_ing you! *pun totally intended*

Bane said...

Nifty! I should make some weights for myself and stop using canned goods to hold down my pattern pieces. :P

MindLess said...

@ Bane: It never occured to me to use those! Although we have a fancy canned tomato collection... ;)