Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Flash Gordon bustle

This bustle was made because of several lucky accidents:
  1. I watched Flash Gordon, which has fancy evil troopers with asian style
  2. I had some Asian inspired Fabric which I bought because it was cheap (1.99 Euro per meter, how could I resist?)
 photo IMG_6680_zps18be0604.jpg
  1. Sintra asked me again to help her with Simplicity pattern 1819. We tried it before, but did not pull it through last time...
Combine all of those together and you have me, inspiredby Flash Gordon's evil Imperator Ming with cheap fabric suited for a muslin and the pattern on hand. It took me quite some time to understand how to sew the bustle; it is sewn directly to the underskirt which took me some thrity minutes and several sketches to understand!

To try if I got it right before phoning Sintra, I cut the pattern and started to put it together. When it worked, I called her and she came around to work on her bustle. Unfortunately, we need to work on her bustle again because the fabric was misbehaving. But we will meet again on Saturday to finish it off!

This was my bustle:

 photo IMG_6673_zps9636c10f.jpg

 photo IMG_6678_zpsd47c8ce9.jpg

 photo IMG_6677_zpsd91fc2eb.jpg

As you can see, I changed some things. The zipper was set into the side seam instead of the back, The underskirt is much shorter to show off my pretty legs! ;) And the back poof was strange when I sewed it the way the pattern wanted me to, so I added some more rushing and made it a bit shorter. Generally, I'd recommend the pattern, but the sewing instructions are not the easiest, so you should have some sewing experience when you want to try it!


Jade said...

That skirt is pretty, the shortness of it makes it really interesting piece! And I love it that you make a notice in your review if the sewing pattern is not fit for everybody with less experience. :)

Laura Morrigan said...

Wow, looks really cool!

MindLess said...

@ Jade: It is more Steamounk than Victorian, but I somehow like the look! I think that pattern reviews should be honest, otherwise they are not usefull at all...

@ Laura Morrigan: Thank you!

Neisella Nightshade said...

Flash! Ahaaaaa....