Monday, January 26, 2015

Fabric shopping - "I need a bigger storage room" edition

It has also been quite some time that I showed you which fabrics I bought. I never showed the Wawawoom dress fabric in it's original state when I brought it from Barcelona. I also bought some fabric in South Africa which is now already on it's way to become a dress and was never "introduced" to you in it's basic stage... But this Saturday I traveled with my friend Sintra to the magical fabric outlet in Münster and bought some more fabric for my stash *cough I might try to sew it up before putting it away cough*. I only spent 26 Euros for the stuff below and a jacket zipper which I didn't take a pic of. You know how a black zipper looks like, right?!

Some projects will be pretty easy. I bought some batting to make a puffer like the American Duchess, but mine will be black on one side and white on the other (2m):

 photo IMG_6686_zps49fa998f.jpg

I also bought a fancy fabric I have never seen before. It is black netting with strips of pleather (plastic leather) sewn like a zigzag on it. This will make a simple t-shirt to let the fabric shine and because I have only about 70cm:

 photo IMG_6693_zpseeecef92.jpg

I got some jerseys, but also only one meter each -one from cotton and one from linen which is a little sea-through:

 photo IMG_6688_zpsc6673839.jpg

I got really excited when I saw the next fabric I bought: Black stretchy cotton with silver glittery lace print? That will make a great fishtail and the two meters left will be just enough for that!

 photo IMG_6690_zpsb4d3990c.jpg

 photo IMG_6689_zps632b6afe.jpg
with flash to show off the glitter

And the last fabric also made me really my heart sing: It looks like leather, but it is somehow printed on stretchy cotton! And unlike (p)leather, this fabric is really breathable!

 photo IMG_6692_zpsfe38ab56.jpg

Right now they are already prewashed and drying on the line in the attic! I was kinda surprised I only bought black fabrics, but I feel really comfortable and pretty in black right now. Sintra on the other hand only bought colourful stuff, so it kind of evened out... Did you buy any fabrics lately? Where do you get cool fabrics like the ones I found?


Neisella Nightshade said...

Liebe <3

Ich will auch unbedingt mal wieder hin ^^

Janina said...

Da wohn ich immernoch hier und war noch nie in diesem Laden. Danke, daß du mich wieder dran erinnert hast :) Dabei bin ich seit einem Jahr auf Stoff-Kauf-Diät, was bisher ganz gut geklappt hat... Naja, dann muß ich den eben auch schnell vernähen ;)

Laura Morrigan said...

I have never seen anything like the zigzag pleather before! Amazing!

MindLess said...

@ Neisi: Aber nicht so schnell, mein armes Konto! Du fragst mich dann doch, oder?! ;)

@ Janina: Hiltruper Str 10, hat aber nur Freitag und Samstag auf. Und viel Glück beim Jagen!

@ Laura Morrigan: Most of the stuff they have is cotton for bed linnen, but sometimes they have real gems...

Neisella Nightshade said...

Ja siggi ^^