Friday, January 2, 2015

Burda Vintage 50s Edition

I bought this sewing pattern magazine already on my way to the airport to South Africa.I planned to do a review about it, but I fell into the real life trap and had problems getting my sewing and blogging mojo rolling again. And then I thought taht reviewing a sewing magazine that is not available any longer would be a mean tease. But since I saw some of these magazines on the shelfs last week, I will finally write something about the first Burda Vintag edition!

 photo IMG_6650_zpsbe66cbbb.jpg

Sorry my magazine looks a bit used, but don't forget it went to Africa and back, so this is fancy used and not "laying around at home" used... *g* First things first, this issue is certainly much more durable than normal Burda since it was printed on thicker paper. Each section starts with the original pattern drawing that was published by Burda in the 1950s:

 photo IMG_6651_zps4627e7fb.jpg

Every pattern also has some introductory pages which explain the backgroud why it was chosen. They show pretty pictures of women wearing similar styles, events that drove the style, matching jewelry or designers famous for inventing the design:

 photo IMG_6652_zps2d9d3550.jpg

And the sections end with a very Burda picture of the modern interpretation of the original pattern:

 photo IMG_6653_zps2770d90c.jpg

What I really liked about the issue was the general idea of putting such a magazine together with vintage patterns, the inspiration that lead to them and modernized patterns to sew and wear. With originals from the 50s, you always have to wear the correct undergarments (like hoisery and petticoats) and some of them have a certain discomfort. The information gathered by Burda might not be very new for people interested in Vintage things, but the pictures are tasteful and the stories nice.

On the other hand some of the modernized patterns don't even look good on the models. If you try to modernize, you should at least get rid of the fitting issues before taking pictures of it! I also don't like how you can't see much in the pictures of the actual patterns. This is a general Burda problem,so I can't blame this particular issue. But it annoys the cr*p out of me!

And I'm not so keen on the adds which they placed unsuspiciously next to the garments. I don't know any seamstress who buys 700 Euro brooches or 800 Euro boots to wear with their selfmade garments...

Still I'm looking forward for the next vintage issue, which will hopefully not be about the 70s which is a clothes century I don't like at all... ;)


linnea-maria said...

That magazine seems lovely!! I have tried several original sewing patterns from the 50's and 40's and I find them very useful and fitting. They were at least when I was smaller. As my waist is gone they wouldn't work for me now.

MindLess said...

@ linnea-maria: Never forget that they wore girdles and waist shapers at that time to keep that silhouette... Today we live with much less restricted tummies! ^^

Ette Ett said...

Vor dem Heftchen habe ich auch des Öfteren gestanden, mich dann aber doch dagegen entschieden, einfach weil ich schon so viel habe und nichts drin war, was ich nähen wollte oder ich nicht als ähnlichen Schnitt schon habe. Aber die Idee finde ich auch schön, bleibt nur die Frage, wie der Sitz denn nun wirklich ist. Das ist bei modernen Burda-Schnitten ja schon immer ein Thema, würde mich interessieren ob sich diese Schnitte ähnlich verhalten oder ob sie noch ein paar Probleme mehr haben durch die Modernisierung.
Und zu den teuren Accessoires: Hier in Bern gibt es einen Stoffladen, der die Burda-Stoffe verkauft, wirklich billig sind die nicht und man kann dort ohne große Probleme dreistellige Meterpreise finden. Wenn du da 3m für ein Kleid brauchst wirken Schuhe für mehrere Hundert Euro doch garn nicht mehr so teuer ;-)

Laura Morrigan said...

I like the last one but I think it's just all the lace that I like! Not in pink for me, of course! 50s dresses don't fit me at all! I have unusually large ribs for my size.

MindLess said...

@ ette: Nachdem jetzt mein Futter angekommen ist, will ich das erste Kleid daraus nähen. Dann kann ich dir was zum Sitz sagen... Und ja, einige Stoffe in der Burda haben absolute Fantasiepreise. Aber das muss man ja nicht unterstützen! Und ich kenne keine(n) der mit den originalen Stoffen näht.

@ Laura Morrigan: If you sew yourself, you can make them fit! That's what I love about sewing... ;)