Friday, December 26, 2014

Week in Review 52/2014

What did I see?
This week I saw some intriguing stained glass windows with modern x-ray pictures. They were done by Wim Delvoye in Belgium:

What did I listen to?
Carol of the bells

What did I ask myself?
Is the year really already over?

What did I read?
Nevermore by Neil Gayman, but only the first 10 pages...

What did I work on?
A jacket for my aunt

I was happy about...
spending time with my family and my lovely boyfriend

I was annoyed about...
having to work a little on my days off. Yet again!

I bought...


linnea-maria said...

Wow. the stained glass windows look amazing! I hope you had a great Christmas weekend.
The waterfall shirt looks so nice.

Laura Morrigan said...

Wow, congratulations on buying nothing! I have to work on that!

The church looks great, I would SO live there!