Wednesday, December 10, 2014

South Africa part 2

The last report ended with us leaving Johannisburg to fly to Capetown. Oh Capetown, beautiful Mothertown! We arrived to see the sun going down over the Table mountain. What a great first impression! We also had another tour guide here, Luidger Pooth. Much better than Eva, although we didn't see him that much. We spent our first night on Upper Longstreet -the party street with lots of restaurants, bars and people. We stubled upon a movie shot of Charlize Theron and participated in a wild party in the background. I'll keep my eyes open for the finished movie!

The next day we did our own hop on hop off tour through Capetown, but again the weather got worse as the day went on. This was the beginning:

 photo IMG_6435_zps10799d0f.jpg

 photo IMG_6438_zpsa6925bda.jpg

And when we decided to go up with a cable car on top of Tablemountain, the view was spectacular:

 photo IMG_6475_zps164921f0.jpg

 photo IMG_6474_zpseb738893.jpg

 photo IMG_6428_zps9fb1b8b5.jpg

We didn't see much, but had a lot of fun anyway! We also saw wild seals in the harbour of Capetown near the Victoria and Alfred Mall:

 photo IMG_6486_zps53b71cbf.jpg

On the next day we traveled on to Mosselbay which is directly on a peninsula and has lots of beautiful beaches. The view from my hotel room was spectacular!

 photo IMG_6568_zpse3356b04.jpg

We walked a lot through the town and visited beaches and shops (I bought some fabric here for the Burda Vintage dress).

 photo IMG_6505_zps9e56dacd.jpg

 photo IMG_6501_zps57791a00.jpg

 photo IMG_6584_zpse4a9dea2.jpg

But my highlight was the whale watching tour we organised the evening we got to Mosselbay. We saw humpback whales and dolphins and seals!

 photo IMG_6522_zps2f781d7c.jpg

 photo IMG_6533_zpsc2abd47d.jpg

On our second to last day we headed back to Capetown via another beutiful scenic road. Again, the stones and the overall landscape reminded me a lot of the wild west in the USA:

 photo IMG_6593_zps15f10f9c.jpg

 photo IMG_6608_zps010b5d51.jpg

 We also did a little whine tasting on the way:

 photo IMG_6611_zps442749f9.jpg

We liked some of the cheeses and wines so much, we bought a bottle of whine and cheese with bread and made a little picknick in the hotel! Actually, we would have liked to dine out and eat the stuff for breakfast, but there was a power shortage while we were looking for a restaurant and everyone sent us off because cooking is not that easy without power... But we had fun anyway!

 photo IMG_6482_zps989f4766.jpg

On the last day we took a final trip through Capetown and then took off for another flight to Johannisburg and then to Frankfurt again.


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

What an awesome trip! I loved the photos of the animals in your first post.

MindLess said...

@ Vulcan_Butterfly: Thank you! I really admired the pictures you took in Mexico this year...