Monday, December 15, 2014

Socks, I made socks!

If you read this blog for a little while you know that I tried to learn knitting for several times and always failed hard. Despite different teachers (school teachers, my mum and Paisleystern tried so hard and are very good teachers indeed), I'm just too impatient for knitting. In contrast to sewing (especially with a sewing machine), knitting takes virtually forever! I also tend to pull the wool differently every row so everything is wonky and I loose patience after 5-6 rows. So I finally gave up on knitting altogether until I develop a serious case of patience and stubbornness...

That was until Burgtreffen this year when I learned how to make socks the easy way. And now I have finished my first pair!

 photo IMG_6627_zps81b5c41b.jpg

So, you might ask yourself two things: How did she do it and why are the socks made of such thick wool? It both goes together, as a used a knitting frame like this:

 photo IMG_6628_zps6e3f3b55.jpg

You put the wool around the knobs of the knitting frame and pull it over with the needle thingy. Very easy, but there are two disadvantages
  1.  you can only knit right, so the wool rolls at the hems
  2. and you can only knit very thick wools otherwise the holes are pretty big and the knitting gets too loose
So I made the first pair of socks and it didn't even take that long. These are huge because I made them for my boyfriend who loves me so much and always has cold feet! Next on the agenda are some Christmas presents and socks for me, me, me! :)


Laura Morrigan said...

Sounds fun!

Jade said...

Congratulations! I remember how frustrating and boring it was to make the first pair of socks. :D I also think it is smart to make socks out of a really thick wool, they will be really thick and warm socks too!

MindLess said...

@ Laura Morrigan: Yes, it was!

@ Jade: They are so fluffy I wanna die! ;) This method lets me make socks in 2 evenings... Can't complain about the speed of this method!

Marzi Panik said...

Du glaubst gar nicht, wie sehr ich dein Sockenleid verstehe.
Ich fahre total auf selbstgestrickte Socken ab, aber mir mangelt es ebenfalls an Ausdauer und Geschick. Habe schon einmal Socken gehäkelt, aber das ist einfach nicht richtig. :/

Kann man die Teile in Schuhen anziehen? Oder sind sie wirklich extrem dick? Sonst würde ich glatt über die Anschaffung von so einem Rahmen nachdenken...

MindLess said...

@ Marzi: Laut Sebi kann man die Socken nicht in Schuhen anziehen. Ich schon! ^^ Aber es sind eher die dicken Schurwollsocken als dünne Strümpfe, wenn du verstehst was ich meine.