Friday, December 19, 2014

Review La Maison Victor

This was the other sewingpattern magazine that was bought in Amsterdam's main station. I never actually heard of this one, but it seems to be one of the modern sewing magazine that don't expect much of the reader's sewing knowledge.

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The pictures are pretty nice, so even though my Dutch is virtually non-existant I was quite entertained looking through the magazine.

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All of the patterns have very detailed (Dutch) descriptions, so the pictures alone make me confident that I can sew the patterns. Although I also worked with Patrones without speaking any Portugese, so I might not be the best example here... ^^ There are also some knitting instructions for a pullover which i do not understand at all and can therefore not judge at all.

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The patterns are for women, men and children which I really like. I also like the modern and clean style of everything, nothing seems overly fuzzy or complicated. in fact, I think that many of the garments made from the patterns are so en vogue that you could probabaly buy them in stores right now!

The first pattern I intend to sew isa blouse for which I bought fabric in Bremen second to last weekend when visiting my friend Ey.  The fabric a georgette with cat heads in black and white, I guess you will soon see it on the blog:

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Laura Morrigan said...

Yes, those picture instructions look very helpful! Let us know how it goes!