Friday, November 14, 2014

Week in Review 46/2014

What did I see?
Nothing special, just a bunch of old Bones episodes which we are currently re-watching!

What did I listen to?
HIM - Right here in my arms

What did I ask myself?
How can she expect us to do everything with less people?

What did I read?
I'm reading "Geek Love" by Katherine Dunn at the moment. It is about a freakshow couple and their offspring which are a bit different than the norms. Mommy and Daddy both decided to give their children an opportunity to get big in the business by taking drugs, radioactive materials and pharmaceuticals during sex and pregnancy. Their lovely family contains an albino dwarf girl Oly (who is the main story teller), Arty the fishboy and the siamese twins Iphy and Elly.  Lateron "Chick" is born who is a powerful telekine. The book offers a strangely outside look on us norms and shows the good and bad sides of being born to the traveling folk. I'm not half done but very captured!

What did I work on?
A backdrop for photos. But not for me!

I was happy about...
Doing sports again and yummi cooking

I was annoyed about...
Hectic times at work

I bought...
Only food and tickets for "Der Ring" 2015, where I will see Metallica *yay*


Laura Morrigan said...

Geek Love is definitely on my to read list although I am not sure if it is really my kind of book, it sounds very sad! Creepy is ok, but I'd feel so sorry for the kids!

Jade said...

Oh, Dunn's Geek Love sounds really interesting! I shall try to find it too and read it soon. :) you read intriguing novels, and it's fantastic you mention them in your weekly reviews!

MindLess said...

@ Laura Morrigan: Oh, they do not feel deprived or sad. They are mostly happy and their dynamics are not different from "norm" families!

@ Jade: I use this as some kind of readinfg diary to remeber which books I read. And to have some recommendations ready if anyone asks me!