Thursday, November 6, 2014

Restyle jewelry toxic?

You might have noticed that I own some peices of Restyle jewelry (bought from I liked the designs and found the jewelry particularly well priced. The style reminds me of Alchemy gothic, suffering the same problems (soft metal, sometimes grates or lose stones) but also the same benefits (retty gothic styles, sparkly stones and bats+skulls).

But once I came back from South Africa, I read an article in the Leicestermercury journal about tests revealing very high levels of Cadmium in the necklace's alloy.  In the three tested pieces (one of which I own), the Cadmium levels were more than 8000 times as high as allowed by law!

Cadmium is a heavy metal and can cause poisoning and death when inhalated and ingested. Even worse, it can accumulate in the body. If and in what amounts Cadmium can be taken up by the skin is still under debate, although it is known that sweat can solve Cadmium from the alloy. Restyle's facebook page also answered that:

" "Having skin contact with cadmium is not known to cause health problems"or " virtually no cadmium can enter the body through the skin under normal circumstances"
So if you won`t lick, eat or breath older jewellery - you are going to be OK.
and that
"First of all - the cadmium jewellery law is only EU law - we have checked and there is no law in Australia forbidding cadmium in jewellery.The new European cadmium law came to life in december 2011.
So it means that due to regulations the cadmium jewellery before that date were perfectly fine and safe.
Which makes me even more nervous. I don't remember exactly when I bought my jewelry but I guess it was before 2011. So my jewelry was then regarded as safe but is not any longer? How can the recommended Cadmium levels change by 8000 times? Was the jewelry composition changed later? But why then did Restyle remove all metal jewelry from their website?

My friend recommended to gle some felt to the back to avoid skin contact. I started to paint the pieces with clear spray paint and exchange the necklaces. But still, the bad feeling stays and I regret that I ordered another necklace right before my trip to South Africa...

Do you have any Restyle jewelry? Will you continue to wear it or will you try to get your money back?


Nachtkatze said...

Ich trags nur noch bei hochgeschlossenen Outfits. Ich kann die beiden Anhänger auch gut als Broschen tragen, mehr hab ich von Restyle ja nicht. Ohrringe würde ich wohl verbasteln und nicht mehr tragen. Ein bisschen Sorgen hab ich mir auch gemacht, aber ich bin ein Kind der 80er...ich hab vermutlich schon mehr Plastikweichmacher in mir als gesundes Gewebe :-D

MindLess said...

@ Nachtkatze: Hochgeschlossen ist mir ja meist zu warm... Und das Problem bei Cadmium ist eben, dass es sich auf Dauer anlagert. Und es zusammen mit Blei und anderen Schwermetallen wirkt. Plastikweichmacher wirken "nur" wie Hormone, Schwermetalle sind giftig!

Lynoire said...

I've read their response statement and I believe, it's quite fair; They explained the situation and they offered refunds. Frankly, I think people are overreacting to it: Honestly, have you ever had any issues with the jewelry you own?

On the other hand, I always liked their designs, but I've never trusted their quality. I haven't read a single review, that was a 100% positive and satisfied, so...perhaps one day, if I have way too much money to spare, I'll give Restyle a shot, but so far I haven't bought anything from them. :)

MindLess said...

@ Lynoire: Yes, they offered refunds, but they never said that they changed their metal alloy after 2011. They admit that they knew the legal Cadmium threshold changed, so I assume that they tested their jewelry before. If everything is okay since 2011, why don't they just state that?

And I never had problems with their jewelry alright, but heavy metals are toxic over time by internal enrichment, so I might have some Cadmium in me without knowing. I will keep the stuff and coat it with clear paint, but I feel a bit pissed at their information policy. If everything was legal right now, why take all jewery with metal from their website?

Ms Misantropia said...

Sweden (and northern Europe in general) Have very restrictive laws about chemicals and metals, sometimes it's probably exaggerated but other times it is probably very good. I have to think that something 8000 times too high is bad though, you might want to research it some more.

Laura Morrigan said...

Yes, that made me worry a bit as I had a couple of pieces I gave to friends. They weren't the named ones but that doesn't mean they were safe.

although as someone pointed out, poisoning my friends would be so Goth! :P

MindLess said...

@ Ms Misantropia: I know that European law is sometimes a bit restrictive. But a sudden lowering of the level by such an amount makes me worried. I'll look a bit deeper into that!

@ Laura Morrigan: Well, in theory yes, but practially?! ;)