Friday, October 10, 2014

Workshops last weekend

Let me talk a minute about the Forum meeting: It was great! I spent most of my time in workshops or learning something, the other part eating, playing and envying the knitters. I still can't knit and until I develop a major crapload of patience, I never will. But oh my, do they make amazing stuff while still being able to talk!

I participated in the following workshops
  1. Headpiece making
  2. Poi and hulahoop - I was so bad I destroyed a Poi and the Hoop left me frustrated - stupid me!
  3. Jewelry making
  4. Photopodge
  5. Whisky tasting
Most of the time I only dabbled into the matter, but I finished 2 little pieces of photopodge:

 photo IMG_6267_zps0c3efc5f.jpg

I made legharnesses? (thingamagics I have no name for, maybe you know what these might be?):


I finished one fascinator and half a tophat:

 photo IMG_6268_zps1f24adf5.jpg

 photo aa4c172d-c4c3-495c-b10c-1877c4d1d0be_zpsc4bf8db2.jpg

And I got quite drunk on whisky (no pictures here for your own safety ^^). I also have no pictures of the Poi/Hula stuff because I was busy not killing anyone. I'd love to participate again next time and maybe even offer my own workshop.


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I would love to attend a whisky tasting workshop! I don't think it would help my crafting skills very much ;)

Laura Morrigan said...

Sounds like a really interesting weekend. I have always been interested in fire twirling but I KNOW I would set myself on fire. I am so clumsy I trip on my own feet and fall over.

MindLess said...

@ Vulcan_Butterfly: Wisely, they put the Whisky tasting session at the latest possible spot, so the only thing we did afterwards was to go to a campfire and roast marshmellows... :)

@ Laura Morrigan: I'm afraid of fire, so the option of burning myself with firepoi is very unlikely. Although I would burn myself when handling them!