Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Sophistique Noire Monthly Theme: Black & White

Since last month’s theme (Makeup) was very specific, I wanted to do something for October that is more open to interpretation.  Something that could be as simple or as elaborate as you desire, and something that could cover just about any topic out there, not just fashion.  What is more perfect than Black and White?  We could celebrate photography, movies, art, music…  So many possibilities!
This month's theme caught me really off guard. Being the scatterbrained scientist I am, I thought that September had 31 days and I would have one more day to participate. Obviously I was wrong, so I had to do something in a bit of a hurry. I redecorated my flat for Halloween, which I had planned for quite some time! This year, I was toning down with the colours anyway, so it mostly fits!

One of the windows of our living room houses most of the plants that did not die when encountering my black thumb. Now it also has some cute decoration: The ghosts and bats hang there all year long, but the candles and Yorrick my glittery silver skull are Halloween decoration:

 photo IMG_6259_zpsb7d46229.jpg

The other window is even more bare - plants and I do not do well together - but now you can find a pretty glass bowl with a skull and some candles there, too!

 photo IMG_6261_zps67b74c9f.jpg

One of our DVD/blueray shelves now has my silver pumpkin in it. I even lit a candle inside because it makes such a nice atmosphere!

 photo IMG_6263_zps86b9e1ae.jpg

For the dinner table I bring out the same thing every year: A centerpiece with little bats. I just like it and have not found anything better yet! ^^

 photo IMG_6265_zps88444c39.jpg

And another thing black and white: I had sewn some black and white baroque pattern pillows a year ago. They did not hold well to living with us, maybe we are too rough with being comfortable on the couch?!

 photo IMG_6252_zps2b424910.jpg

On the lower border you can see the velvet-y stuff hanging down. On other parts of the pillow they are already lost somewhere on the couch or floor. So we replaced themwith pillow covers (bought from H&M some weeks ago) that could not be more gothy: Black, velvet and skulls:

 photo IMG_6251_zps5f7f36da.jpg


Lynoire said...

Lovely decoration, edgy, but still subtle, kinda elegant. ^^ The pillows are fabulous! :)

Goth Gardener said...

That little pumpkin is amazing only being topped by your craftiness. I'm *trying* to sew. I took a class but really I just need to practice. Love your curtains.

Vívien - Camaleon said...

I have a closet with the same standard pattern of your pillow!
It's so beautiful!

VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

For some reason I always think September has 31 days, too!

The skull candles are so cool, as is that pillow cover. I don't go much for over-the-top Halloween imagery but these are perfect examples of tasteful, classy, subtle macabre touches.

MindLess said...

@ Lynoire: Thanks, I'm really happy I still found them. And sad that the old pillows didn't hold up to my expectations...

@ Gothic gardener: It is so hard to get good quality Halloween stuff here in Germany! And thank you for the compliment, this is just the result of 16 years experience. You can do this as well with a little practice!

@ Vivien cameleon: That is so cool, where did you get it?

@ Victorian Kitty: Well, so I'm not alone in my mistake! I also drift away from the bloody, gorey and glittery side of Halloween. Although my skull Yorrick will always stay! ;)

Spookieness said...

Is that a snowglobe with a skull in it? I have been trying to start a spooky snowglobe collection. But it's hard to do with 5 men in the house. They broke my favorite skeleton snowglobe last year.

MindLess said...

@ Spookieness: Yes, it is! I only have my boyfriend living with me and he approves the snowglobe. Otherwise I would have brought it back to the store because he has every right to have a pretty living room as well!

Laura Morrigan said...

You have a lot of really nice decor pieces!

MindLess said...

@ Laura Morrigan: Well, I try to keep the number down by limiting my deko stoff to one box. If I add something, another piece has to go... But thanks! ^^