Monday, September 1, 2014

Sophistique Noir Theme post - Make up

 The theme for September 1 is: Makeup
I am often asked to share makeup tips and tutorials, but since makeup isn’t really my focus here (and I find tutorials far too time consuming), I thought it would be fun to crowd-source some makeup inspiration as the Monthly theme for September.
For this event, you are free include daily makeup looks, special event makeup, drag queen style, Halloween effects, reviews, tutorials, favorite products, inspiration from around the Web (just be sure to credit your sources!!!) or whatever you can think of. Share whatever you love most about makeup!
You don’t have to be a makeup blogger or makeup artist to participate. Even beginners are encouraged to share their favorite styles, tips, and even advice on what you’ve learned from trial and error! ;)

For Sophistique Noir's theme for the month September, I'd like to show my readers what it takes to make my complexion look flawless (besides kind light and a good photographer ;) ).

My favourite ingredients for a natural look are these:

 photo IMG_6177_zpsc9999b54.jpg

Dior Skin Nude Make up: Well, yes it is expensive (thanks for asking). But it matches my skin tone perfectly, I can layer it if I have blemishes and I never look cakey with it. So it is -for me- worth the 36 Euros I spend once a year. I tried so many drugstore brands, but most are not light enough for me and tend to become even darker over time. With this make up (shade Alabaster, there is still a lighter one available!) I have to reapply powder after 4 hours. No darkening, no moving make up, it even stands up to rain!

Cartrice "All matte" powder: This one is a cheap (~3 Euro) drugstore brand. Works fine, no cakeing and for 3 Euros it does exactly what I bought it for.

MAC "Springsheen" rouge: I like that this is universally flattering (colder and warmer skin types) and includes the highlighter as it has a slight gold shimmer. It is not even that expensive: 18 Euros but I used this for more than a year now. When I wear this rouge, no one ever asks me whether I'm sick...

Kron Eyebrow powder: I do have strange eyebrows. Mine are very light and start wide, so I constantly look surprised. Also, I have several white hairs in my eyebrows although I have none on my head. So I redraw my eyebrows with brown powder (set of three for 4 Euros), as I think it looks more natural than a pen. I use a ashen shade because my skin tone and hair colour are cool. This product has been discontinued, so when I empty it, I will have to find a suitable alternative...

Essence "waterproof Eyeliner": I use some golden brown kajal to line my upper lash line. Gold plays off my blue eyes and brown looks natural enough that my pictures don't scream Make up! I soften the line a bit to make it even more natural. This is another cheapo drugstore item for about 2 Euros.

Cartrice "Lashes to Kill" mascara: I have pretty nice long lashes, so I use mascara mainly to thicken and colour them. I'm also pretty careless with mascara: If someone recommends me one, I'll try it. I rarely have panda eyes or stuff that comes into my eyes! This sort is cheap (4 Euros), really black and works well for me!

I know this sounds like a lot of products, but it takes me at most ten minutes to get ready. I can do it in 3 if I'm in a hurry! ^^


VictorianKitty (Sophistique Noir) said...

Thank you for sharing your favorite products! I wonder if I can get the Dior in the U.S. It sounds wonderful!!

I don't blame you for paying for expensive foundation. In some areas, cheaper makeup will do, but for the base of your entire face, it's gotta be decent quality or it's not worth the trouble! I'm like you - I use a cheap drugstore mascara and matte powder, but for foundation, eye shadows, and lipstick I need something higher end.

Lynoire said...

I've always thought, that a natural look or natural make up is the hardest to accomplish, but indeed, you always look so flawless! ^^

Bane said...

Whatever you're paying for the Dior, I'd say it's worth it. ;) Your skin looks amazing.

The plus with higher quality foundation is that you usually need just a little. A bottle might be pricey, but it will last for a long time.

Lady of Gothica said...

ok now i'm interested with the Dior foundation..but im not sure its available here in my country or not..nice entry btw :D

swgarasu said...

Ugh, foundation!!! I have the worst time finding a match as well. My skin actually has no natural pigment, so it's always a pain for me too. Drugstore brands- I can get away with L'Oreal W1 Porcelain- this year I bought Urban Decay's Naked in the lightest shade- .05. It's expensive, but it does feel very light. I wish they would sell bottles half the size for half the price though. The main issue with fair skin for me (other than the sunburning and foundation matching) is that I think it's also harder to cover blemishes because the red marks are so dark compared to the surrounding skin. Of course for me I usually just have big pimples nothing can hide anyway. :(
If you tend to burn- I love Murad's oil free sunscreen for my face- it's not greasy, doesn't bother my skin, and smells like pommegranate!
I love your photos from your photoshoot below btw, you look very elegant!

MindLess said...

@ VictorianKitty: I guess you can buy it there, most likely much cheaper than here (like MAC products). I try to be cost efficient when I buy make up - if drugstore brand are not sufficient, I buy brands. But I was really unhappy with MAC nail polish for example, there are plenty of drugstore brands that work better on my nails. It depends on the product!

@ Lynoire: Thanks, but again: the photographer really works magic!

@ Bane: The Dior make up is my guilty pleasure, but in the end it is cheaper than buying and mixing different brands. Especially since most brands don't sell their lightest shaes here in Germany, as we seem to be notoriusly dark skinned (this might be ironic ^^)...

@ Lady of Gothica: Just check out the higher end cosmetic sellers, it should be available there!

@ swgarasu: The lightest shades of many brands are not sold here in Germany - I wonder why because there are many fair skinned girls around! If I wanted shade W1, I would have to import it! Same with Urban Decay, they don't sell here in Germany and we don't have Sephora either. I'll check out Murad's sunscreen as I have not heared of it yet!

And thank you for the kind comment on my pictures!

Coffee and Tea said...

Oh, that's a nice list! I am using the Dior foundation too (and had the luck to get it cheaper on ebay nearly not used!)after years of too dark foundations. I'll take a closer look at the Catrice matte powder. Thank you for sharing the list!

MindLess said...

@ Coffe and Tea: Thanks for checking by! Cartrice powder is just really cheap and light, that is why I buy it!