Friday, September 26, 2014

Purple shirt - Simplicity 1916

I tried another pattern for jersey shirts (Simplicity 1916, View A) and I'm not quite sure I'm happy about the result. I like the idea, I like wrap shirts and I like the color and the feel of the jersey.

 photo IMG_6229_zpsaf60cb5b.jpg

 photo IMG_6230_zps92d95601.jpg

But the construction of this shirt with the rushing and the little unruffled piece left me a bit puzzled. It just looks kind of lost there?! And what about the back seam? It has no forming effect as the whole shirt is rather elastic, so it seems very unnecessary?!

 photo IMG_6231_zps60adf206.jpg


Autumn said...

I have one RTW faux wrap top with ruching on the sides and it also has a back seam, also seemingly unnecessary. Weird. Pretty top though, love the color!

Neisella Nightmare said...

Mir gefällt das Shirt sehr. Aber ich glaube, ich habe auch mindestens 6 Shirts dieser Art bei mir im Schrank :D

...allerdings ohne Rückennaht.

MindLess said...

@ Autumn: Thanks! I've never seen a back seam in RTW until now...

@ Neisella: Ich überlege diesen kleinen Zipfel wegzulassen, dann ist das nähen weniger arbeit! ^^

linnea-maria said...

The shirt looks lovely!!

MindLess said...

@ linnea-maria: Thank you! ^^