Monday, September 29, 2014

Truely Victorian Grand Bustle

I finally came around sewing the grand bustle (Truely Victorian Number) from the pattern that the wonderful Neisella lent to me. I used only fabric and bone casing from my stash. Unfortunately I ran out of boning and had to buy new stuff. So I could not only use stuff I had, but it ws pretty close! I went for light colours as they are not visible under light skirts and dark fabric tend to hide any colour underneath anyway...

 photo IMG_6240_zps3260f9a1.jpg

 photo IMG_6238_zps2218a75e.jpg

 photo IMG_6239_zps9fa98009.jpg

As I had to use 2 different fabrics as I ran out of the pink linen, I used a decorative stitch in the corresponding colours on the hems of the ruffles. Actually I only ever use those for historical underwear! ^^

 photo IMG_6227_zps78a77407.jpg

Now I look a bit like a candy cane, but I like the overall look!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Purple shirt - Simplicity 1916

I tried another pattern for jersey shirts (Simplicity 1916, View A) and I'm not quite sure I'm happy about the result. I like the idea, I like wrap shirts and I like the color and the feel of the jersey.

 photo IMG_6229_zpsaf60cb5b.jpg

 photo IMG_6230_zps92d95601.jpg

But the construction of this shirt with the rushing and the little unruffled piece left me a bit puzzled. It just looks kind of lost there?! And what about the back seam? It has no forming effect as the whole shirt is rather elastic, so it seems very unnecessary?!

 photo IMG_6231_zps60adf206.jpg

Week in Review 39/2014

What did I see?
Like last week, this week is another modern take on old art. Bert Barelds used real humans to re-enact classical pictures. One of them is my absolute favourite painting ever (Ophelia by John Everett Millais):

What did I listen to?
Another 90s Classic: Mr President "I give you my heart"

What did I ask myself?
Is this right what I'm doing? Am I more stressed than is normal?

What did I read?
"Salt, Sugar, Fat - How the Food Giants hooked us" by Michael Moss. Work related reading, but still fun! It is about the food industry and how it tricks us consumers into buying more and more stuff that increases their winnings and decreases our health. I'm not done with it yet, but it is very interesting!

What did I work on?
A skirt and another bustle.

I was happy about...
New fabrics! ^^

I was annoyed about...
A western blot not working. This thing is damned!

I bought...
Fabric... Like 10m or something?! *blush*

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Purple corduroy shorts

While I was at my UFO stash, I found matching shorts to the vest I showed on Monday. As the vest, the shorts were almost finished: The hems had to be done and the waistband lining was only pinned. Again, this took something like 1 hour max. I should really get over this point where I put things aside that take a mere minutes to do! *blush* Apologies for the horrible pictures, I'll coax my boyfriend into taking prettier ones, I promise!

 photo IMG_6232_zps7e2a0fd0.jpg

 photo IMG_6234_zpsd5083db7.jpg

 photo IMG_6233_zps5878adf4.jpg

Monday, September 22, 2014

Purple corduroy vest

I feel like such a loser sometimes. I recently stumbled upon my pile of UnFinished Objects and there were plenty of things I started and never finished. This vest was one of them. It was nearly done, only a few seems and the buttonholes were missing. It was literally less than 30 minutes work, I have no idea why I never did the finishing touches...

 photo IMG_6222_zps54f19702.jpg

 photo IMG_6221_zps261e4f85.jpg

The lapels and the full vest is lined with lovely dotted viscose:

 photo IMG_6223_zps2bfb4e96.jpg

 photo IMG_6224_zpsd91e206f.jpg

It looks great and I'm very glad that I have a new piece for my fall wardrobe now!

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday sweet - Tiramisu

This week I made some Tiramisu. Mostly for my colleagues tomorrow, but I made some extra to test it for quality! The test was very succesful if I may say so... ;)

 photo IMG_6228_zpsa2e1fe21.jpg

Friday, September 19, 2014

Linen jersey top

This shirt was made without a real pattern, I simply drew around a fitting shirt. The jersey is really lovely linen jersey. I have never used linen jersey before, it is a lovely material and very cool in summer (next summer obviously because the weather is rapidly turning to fall)!

 photo IMG_6216_zps48eec37c.jpg

I used a finish for the neckline and sleeves that I have seen in commercial clothes. Rolled hems that are tacked down with few hand stitches. This looks rather raw and modern, I think!

 photo IMG_6217_zps29b9f108.jpg

The hem is done witht he twin needle in contrast colour:

 photo IMG_6218_zps6eb8dedc.jpg

Week in Review 38/2014

What did I see?
This week I was wowed by Li Hongbo's flexible statues:

They are made from thin paper honeycombs cut in form and painted. It looks so strange when the classical statues are pulled and twisted like bubblegum! Watch this video, it is incredible!

What did I listen to?
Scooter- Endless Summer... 90s techno, but I'm not afraid to say I love it! Take away my gothcard, but currently, BravoHits 11 is what runs when I sew. ;)

What did I ask myself?
Does this really start again? Maybe I need help?

What did I read?
I started reading Ray Bradbury's "From the Dust Returned" because so many goth love it. I'm torn. I like the idea and the adjective ridden speach. But the storytelling with all those jumps between future, past and now confuses me and some of the stories in the book just don't wow me. It is still a nice read, don't get me wrong! But it is not as catchy as I thought so it takes much longer to read than anticipated.

What did I work on?
Shirts, shorts and a vest.

I was happy about...
Makinng progress and fulfilling at least some expectations

I was annoyed about...
My attitude. What happened to "always being the best me possible"? Is this all that is possible?!

I bought...
Flowers for a colleague.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Barcelona - travel guide 1

Since Jade asked for it, I'd like to write a little about my recent Barcelona trip with my boyfriend. We did mostly the normal tourist stuff, for a German gothic guide to Barcelona I recommend you Der schwarze Planet. I actually planned to visit the secret Forrest bar near La Rambla, but forgot... -.-

Let's start chronologically: We started with a day in the old town. Actually with La Rambla, the famous walking mile from the inner city to the harbor! Really nice, but also very touristic. I'd never eat there again, the food was expensive and not that good. What did I expect on the street with the highest pickpocket rate?

If you walk down La Rambla, watch out for Art Noveau buildings on both sides. Very pretty! There are even small squares (like Place royal on the left, a little hidden) and the famous roofed Market La Bouqeria St. Josep on the right. There is a huge selection of food (fruit, veggies, sweets, meat, fish...) and if you walk 20m from the entry, the prices drop remarkably. We got some cut fruits for 1 Euro per package and it was ripe and delicious!

La Rambla ends at the harbor which is really pretty as well. We spent some time there watching boats and walking in the sun! If you walk along the harbor to the left, you end up at the beach!

We went back into the city to walk through the Barri gotic (which is the old quarter and has nothing to do with gothic except the time of build). This is really nice with small streets, old houses and little shops everywhere!

There is also the great cathedral with a inner square. There are geese kept there as guardians against robbers and foreign soldiers! There are also a lot of statues and decorations and the entry is free before midday.

After strolling through the streets we switched sites and walked to the right of la Rambla into el Raval. This is the new trend quarter with plenty of hip and alternative stores. We ended up buying shirts with low editions and handouts of the original meaning written by the author. You should definitively pay Raval a visit, we loved it!

In Raval we also visited Bibian Blue Boutique ( Ronda de Sant Antoni, 27, 08011 Barcelona, Spain), which has a in person store there! It was really nice to see all the corsets in person and even some of the upcoming fall/winter collection! Unfortunately, I seem to be to big for them and they only had one corset in my size there. So I'll end up ordering on the Internet like everyone else...

That was it for the first day!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Waterfall neckline tunic

I recently bought some more patterns to reduce my fabric stash. When I feel uninspired, sewing jersey is an easy way out for me: The serger makes sewing easy and most jersey pieces are pretty easy and quick sews. So I decided that after my motivational problems, jersey shirts would be the way to go!

The first pattern I chose was Simplicity 1716, view D. This is the result:

 photo IMG_6213_zps6ecc8f61.jpg
 photo IMG_6215_zps7e925824.jpg
 photo IMG_6214_zps977078ad.jpg

The tunic ends mid thigh and is pretty comfortable and still professional. I really like it and will probably make more views of this pattern!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

CorpGoth Mid-Month Status Report: A Suitable Jacket

Today I'm doing a report right on time (as today is the last day to submit), which is something I have not done in a long time. The topic for this month's status report is 

"Subject: Let's get a little formal -- show off your classic CorpGoth style with an outfit featuring a blazer or suit jacket. You could wear a complete suit, if you like.

I threw a blazer over the stuff I wore to work and was surprised how much more formal it went in seconds. With big boobs and almost no waistline, blazers are not my favorite wear. THis one has actually only once seen daylight before - during my PhD defense!

 photo IMG_0181_zps157876eb.jpg

 photo IMG_0189_zps58cb0d21.jpg

Monday, September 15, 2014

Barcelona haul

Although I visited Barcelona last year already, this time was extra special because my boyfriend was with me. We had a lot of fun walking the streets of the wonderful city, in fact we walked about 10km per day. Uphill, during 30° C bright sunshine... We spent time at the beach, shopping independent designer shirts and visiting what felt like a million Gaudi buildings.

I already talked about motivational fabric and this is it:

 photo IMG_6219_zpsf8a635f4.jpg

As always, the purple and gold is much more vivid and much less blue in real life than on this picture... I have 1 month to make something from it and this something is a robe polonaise. At least that is what I have in mind...

While I obviously knew about the fabric, my boyfriend bought me an unexpected gift. During our flight back, I skimmed through the duty free stuff and instantly liked a set of nail polish. But I always fall asleep on the plane and missed the food and the duty free announcement. When we arrived home, he gave me the nail polishes! I was soooo happy!

 photo IMG_6220_zps18ca86f4.jpg

 photo IMG_6212_zpsa8eb7ae8.jpg

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Sweet - Raspberry cake again

I made another one of the raspberry creme cakes, this time decorated with little sugar hearts:

 photo IMG_6187_zps6635f0ed.jpg

It was for my boyfriend's brother's Birthday last Sunday. Later that evening we flew to Barcelona... ^^

Friday, September 12, 2014

Week in Review 37/2014

What did I see?
Barcelona! I spent 5 days with my boyfriend on a wonderful vacation! Now we are back in town and have the travel bug... ^^

What did I listen to?
People chatting in bars, catalane chants and bar music...

What did I ask myself?
When is my next vacation again? (in October by the way ;) )

What did I read?
Alan Bradley's novel "Half sick of Shadows". Yet another of his Flavia de Luce series. I think they are getting weaker, but seeing the 11 year old hobby chemist spy around adult people and figuring out their mysteries is still a good read!

What did I work on?
A beany for my boyfriend and a pillow case for his brother.

I was happy about...
Vacation! With the boyfriend! In beautiful Barcelona! Yay!

I was annoyed about...
The heat. I'm just not built for it. But I can bare it if it makes him happy!

I bought...
A shirt, a dress and 4 m of motivational fabric!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Harlots and Angels Haul

I bought some patterns of Harlots and Angels recently. I'm really hoping that this pretty patterns will get me out of my sewing motivation hole. I don't know what really happened, but I have huge problems with motivating myself to do anything sewing related recently...

 photo IMG_6185_zps0ed28810.jpg

 photo IMG_6186_zpsfe2d5f6d.jpg

 photo IMG_6184_zps5245364b.jpg

Week in Review 36/2014

What did I see?
This week I was drawn into the fantastic world of Chiara Bautista. She has some inspiring and crazy art:

What did I listen to?
Some radio, nothing specific.

What did I ask myself?
Does anything ever work right from the start?

What did I read?
This week I read "The Spin" by Robert Charles Wilson and "The Revenge of Seven" by Pittacus Lore. Both books were really good stories about aliens although very different. The Spin is about three teenagers/later grownups that live during the first time of alien intervention with a membrane shielding the earth suddenly and extraterrestrial creatures are suddenly not a fiction but a fact. Very deep book with lots of story twists and food for thought! "The Revenge of Seven" is the fourth novel in the Lorien series about teenagers who fled when their planet was conquered by Mogadorians and who now fight to spare earth the same problem. Much more a teenage novel, but still a light and interesting read!

What did I work on?

I was happy about...
Having a week off work!

I was annoyed about...
Work, work, work.

I bought...
More feathers, 4 hats, a pan and 3 patterns!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kitty bow blouse

You might recognise the flowery fabric because I already used it for the failed 40s dress. I used up all remnants - good girl!- to make this cute little blouse!

 photo IMG_6178_zps72e20c20.jpg
 photo IMG_6181_zps59abece0.jpg
 photo IMG_6179_zpsf95cdf8a.jpg
 photo IMG_6180_zpsa4601d66.jpg

The pattern is McCall's and I used pearl snaps for the closure. It fits rather loosely, but it is lovely to wear on hot summer days!