Monday, August 11, 2014

Hats from Les Incroyables

Last week I bought something from yet another independent designer team I got to know by my favourite forum: Les Incroyables! On facebook I read an announcement that there would be a sale until August 15th (so you still have the chance to buy some hats as well) and could not resist their creations! Until now I always had the problem that I remembered their shop (or met them in person) only when I was sadly broke. But now the stars aligned and I got three cute new accessoirs for my hat for a very little price:

 photo IMG_0087_zpsec2da5a4.jpg
 photo IMG_0086_zps5c89e72c.jpg

Mini Bowler
Look at this cute little bowler hat! Although it is a rather masculine style, the size makes it more feminine... The quality is amazing and I'm more than happy to wear this for some of the next parties I'm attending!

 photo IMG_0095_zps20f7f79e.jpg
 photo IMG_0096_zpsb6b678f7.jpg

PVC garrison cap
This is the miniature version and it fits my (small) head rather well. I'd only buy the original size for my boyfriend (whose head is huge)! Sewing PVC fabric is horrible and small hats are rather frickly. So I'm glad I got this cap for such a small prize! It even has a pretty lining and little attachment loops for hairpins!

 photo IMG_0088_zps2162377f.jpg
 photo IMG_0090_zpsfcc1ebf0.jpg

This was a pure luxury buy. I have no idea when to wear it. I have nothing in mind to wear it with. But look how fancy it looks! And the little curly feathers! 


Mara Macabre said...

ahh, die kenne ich doch auch noch :)
Ein Luxus-kauf muss manchmal sein und stehen dir sehr gut ;)

linnea-maria said...

Beautiful head garments! The minibowler is genious :)

Laura Morrigan said...

So great when you finally have the money to get something you have been wanting! Little headpieces can really add the finishing touch to an outfit!

Ms Misantropia said...

That pvc cap looks great on you, and it's a little kinky ;)

MindLess said...

@ Mara Macabre: Vielen Dank! Ich finde die Werke einfach wundervoll und kaufe gerne bei diesen beiden!

@ linnea-maria: Yes, it is sooo cute!

@ Laura Morrigan: I love mini hats and these hats are of great quality!

@ Ms Misantropia: Thanks! I'd love to wear this soon, unfortunally my weekends are booked right now.