Friday, August 1, 2014

Amphi 2014 - Part 2

On the second day of Amphi 2014, the weather was just as warm and humid as before. The location has a really nice fountain in the middle, but noone was allowed to enter the water - bummer!

 photo IMG_6157_zps7efe3252.jpg

 photo IMG_6155_zps46cb36f8.jpg
Little ducklings! And noe was ugly...
We started the day with a little excercise by dancing 45 minutes during the Noisuf-X concert. It was great, I love the music and danced so much that all my clothes were wet. My boyfriend even was dripping! ^^'

 photo IMG_6154_zps123ed3bd.jpg

Later, we walked around a lot and enjoyed the sitting area in front of the main stage. I'm old enough to enjoy concerts when seated as well! We saw Apoptygma Berzerk, Rotersand and Eisbrecher!

 photo IMG_6153_zps6d7bfa07.jpg

We also met many friends from the Natron and Soda Forum and had bunches of fun together. When we drove home around 11 pm, we were happy and tired at the same time.

 photo IMG_6150_zps8ee7d8a5.jpg

 photo IMG_6151_zps9880d851.jpg

 photo IMG_6152_zps2ade15df.jpg

My outfit

Shorts and shirt: H&M
Sunglasses: free, DM
Boots: New Rock Cunya
Earrings and necklace 1: Rogue and wolf via Etsy
Necklace 2: GraSkull


Jade said...

For a warm day like that, your outfit looks like the best choice. ^^ Love that combination!

MindLess said...

@ Jade: Thanks for the compliment, I felt very comfortable all day long!

Laura Morrigan said...

Awwww those little ducks are so cute!

Sounds really hot! Doesn't look like there was much cover either, did you get sunburned?

MindLess said...

@ Laura Morrigan: No, I used sun protection!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Apoptygma Berserk is one of my favourite bands to see live!! I really would like to see Rotersand live one day! That is a very cute outfit, it's so hard to dress for hot summer weather.

MindLess said...

@ Vulcan_Butterfly: Well, I simply undress for hot weather... ;) I love both of them as well, I love electronic music to dance to!