Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Stash increase - I may or may not have a fabric shopping problem...

Well, you remember someone did a "No shopping" chalenge recently? Somehow my pendulum swung to the other side now. This month I bought a lot of fabric!

Jersey galore
Most of these pretty jerseys were bought from a webshop I usually hate because they are not reliable and rather expensive. But winning the soccer world cup they had some cool offers and I caved in. Now I own grey, black, teal and purple cotton jerseys, a grey and a black linen jersey...

 photo IMG_6121_zps33f006e5.jpg

... and two more jerseys I bought from Neisella (one of the already went into the shirt I showed Monday, so that will not throw off my stash posts):

 photo IMG_6122_zps99570c0a.jpg

I also bought some plain black and bright magenta tafeta for making yet another Victorian outfit!

 photo IMG_6123_zps483046ab.jpg

Fabrics I sent back
I also bought purple velvet which ended up being rather grey-brownish and I'm still not sure about the very magenta tafeta which was nowhere near the nice bordeaux colour it looked like on the internet pictures. Should I send it back? What do you think? At least this saved me some money...


Laura Morrigan said...

Mmmm that maroon on maroon tapestry type material is just lovely! And taffeta is always nice!

linnea-maria said...

Lovely fabrics. I especially looking forward of the promised victorian outfit you will sew of the tafeta.

MindLess said...

@ Laura Morrigan: I could not understand how Neisella could give that beauty away!

@ linnea-maria: Thanks, I'll give my very best to make it quick.