Wednesday, July 16, 2014

40s dress fail

When I already had my serger threaded to white for the regency dress (which is a lot easier than with my former serger, but still a little hustle), I planned to make some more white or light coloured things... I received some fabrics from my mum as hand me downs years ago and never came around using or selling them. So now you can expect a lot of bright stuff in this rather gothy blog ;)

The first thing I sewed was this 40s style wrap dress (Butterick's 5030):

 photo IMG_6114_zpsde845d78.jpg

 photo IMG_6116_zps118f77c3.jpg

Looks lovely, no? Unfortunately I was rather enthusiastic about future weight loss when I bought it, so I only had the smaller sizes in my pattern envelope. I simply thought I'd add a little more width and cut down on the seam allowance, but it seems like the pattern runs small. So small indeed, that the finished dress only fits my mannequin after I reduced her waist by almost 10cm and her bust by 12cm... *sigh*

I am now looking for someone with a size S/M who would give this beauty a good home. I even made some detail shots because there was really some effort and love put into this dress:

 photo IMG_6115_zps7ea031d8.jpg

 photo IMG_6117_zps7dac7fe7.jpg


linnea-maria said...

What a pity! The dress looks lovely but unfortunately, I can't wear it. My intentions to loose weight always get spoiled. I loose maybe 5 kg and the gain 5 + some more :/. I have started to exercise again after a couple of years and I hope that will give me better results.

Ms Misantropia said...

I'm sorry it didn't work out, what a pity.

I too fell for the "when I've lost some weight" idea and bought a jumper a size too small on sale...

graverobbergirl said...

I have a similar item sitting almost finished on my dressform. I figured since I take a size 14 in regular Simplicity patterns, that a size 16 in a vintage 1940s pattern would suffice... a little bit snug, it is, but I was able to let out the seams enough, I hope.

Either way, it looks gorgeous! You do lovely work!

MindLess said...

@ linnea-maria: It would take me to loose much more than a mere 5kg... But I think I will find someone who fits into the dress and will wear it with pride! I'm also already remaking/resizing it!

@ Ms Misantropia: I was actually not planning on weight loss (actively) but was somehow out of my mind when I bought tha pattern... *sigh*

@ graverobbergirl: I keep my fingers crossed for you! And thank you for the compliment, I can only give this back to you... ;)

ette said...

Nein, wie schade. Es ist so schön geworden, ich hoffe es findet einen neuen Besitzer und deine zweite Version wird besser.
Ich hab das Problem schon ab und an bei sehr alten Schnitten gehabt. Mein Mittelalterkleid (12. Jh) als auch meine Eisenzeitliche Tunika scheinen für Menschen ohne Brust gemacht zu sein. Und ich bin ja sonst nicht wirklich viel Mensch. Naja, grösser schneiden geht ja leider immer noch nicht (gab es da nicht mal einen Film mit einer Schere, die rückwärts schnitt, also Stoff hinzufügte? Das wär was...)
lg ette

MindLess said...

@ ette: Naja, vielleicht hatten die Frauen damals weniger Fettgewebe und damit auch kleiner Brüste... Stimmt, den Film kenne ich, der ist noch schwarz weiß oder? Und derjenige mit der Schere wird gnadenlos verfolgt, also möchte ich sie vielleicht doch nicht haben ;)