Thursday, April 24, 2014

Who made your clothes?

After the light reading about historical undergarments, let us talk about something serious for today! One year ago, the Rana-Plaza building broke down and buried hundreds of women working for the textile industry. Many corporations still deny to produce clothes there and refrain from paying compensation money to the survivors and the families of the dead.

Since the time passed, the topic has vanished from the news. And I find that very unfair! I know how much work goes into every sewn garment and I'm not particularly happy about the conditions those poor people in India, Korea and China work in just to present us Europeans and Northern Americans with two new collections per season. Do we really need all of that? Would it kill us to pay 20 cent more per shirt if those went directly towards the seamstresses and helped them being paid more fair? Do we really need the 30th black t-shirt?

To raise awareness for the cause, bloggers/twitterers/people all over the world wear their clothes inside out and I participate:

 photo IMG_6013_zps1192afbb.jpg

I wear a fairtrade shirt I bought at armed angels (which was by the way a coincedence, I read about this today in the morning already fully dressed) and Primark jeans. I know that they are made under the worst conditions, but on the other hand they fit me well and other brands use the same seamstresses but charge more. No excuse, I know, but I will replace them once they are past their prime with something that pays the seamstresses fair... :)


Miria said...

Thanks for mentioning this awfull tragedy again. I think you are right and it is very sad that after the initial outcry there is not much left on the news regarding the issue. If anyone would just buy a bit more conscious then it shouldnt be a problem to pay people what they deserve for making these clothes.

MindLess said...

@ Miria: That's how the news work: As long as it is fresh and new, press out as much publicity as you can. Who cares about yesterday's news?

I try to buy used or fair, but I have to admit not always. But I try my best!