Friday, April 18, 2014

Week in Review 16/2014

What did I see?
I'm currently in the third season of "Downton Abbey"and I'm hooked! I really love the characters and their development, the beautiful fashion and the twists and turns of the Lords and Ladies of Grantham.

I also did see some amazing drawings of Svetoslav Pretov. He really is creative and yet haunting!

What did I listen to?
Metallica - One Because my boyfriend and I watched the Metallica movie which was good in ways - the music! James Hetfield!- and bad in others - what about this strange side story with the hangman?!

What did I ask myself?
Where is my sewing mojo? It is hiding somewhere?

What did I read?
I'm currently reading yet another Sebastian Fitzek book - Augensammler (eye's collector). It was lend to me by a friend who has all of the books collected. I'm torn wether I like the books or not. They have a certain style which makes them predictable, but the basic stuff about each psychopathic killer is different.

What did I work on?
I did some seams on a new skirt, but not much again. This weekend will change that!

I was happy about...
Fabric and notions - I never knew I missed shopping so much!

I was annoyed about...
How can such a boring and capitalistic thing like shopping make me so happy?!

I bought...


Ms Misantropia said...

Lovely drawings!
Regarding shopping - it's been drilled into us every day of our lives, that if we just get that thing we will be happy. And that thing, and that thing, and that thing...

linnea-maria said...

Lovely drawings. I very seldom comment on your week reviews but I like to read them .

MindLess said...

@ Ms Misantropia: Yeah, but I would prefer to have myself under better control by now. I'm just a bit disappointed in myself, that is all!

@ linnea-maria: Thanks for the compliment! I like to read these posts at the end of the year to see what happy things I experienced and how many amazing things I saw!

Neisella Nightmare said...

Ui, die Bilder sind echt toll!

MindLess said...

@ Neisella: Ja, nicht wahr? ^^