Friday, April 11, 2014

Week in Review 15/2014

What did I see?
Of course I watched "Downton Abbey" to pass back the DVDs as soon as possible. Otherwise I did not watch anything specific this week...
But on Gothic Charm School's tumblr I saw something intriguing: A fully black garden installation made by Lauren Fensterstock! Since I like the spooky aesthetics, I always felt drawn to dark gardens, but I was never aware how much more attention that brings to the textures and forms when everything is reduced to one colour!

What did I listen to?
ASP "Schwarzes Blut"

What did I ask myself?
Where is my usual "looking forward to WGT"? Do I grow tired of this festival?

What did I read?
This week I read through Veronica Roth's second ("Insurgent") and third ("Allegiant") books of the "Divergent series". By the haste I read them you could guess how much I loved it! Both books are much better than the first novel, they have unexpected twists (especially the last book) and overall left me disturbed and full of thoughts. Could this dystopia really happen? How would I react to it? Go, read it already!

What did I work on?
Not much. Some repairs and I finished the jacket. But I will cut out something today!

I was happy about...
Meeting Mandibel and Neisella again after quite some time. How sexy my boyfriend looks in a shirt. How much new stuff I currently learn. Doing more sports.

I was annoyed about...
Now I only *ahem* need to get back on track with my reading at work. And increase my life motivation some more...

I bought...
Some toys and food for the gerbils. And fabric (for WGT which is allowed) and some notions and flowers (also for WGT)


Jade said...

That black garden installation is amazing! And I really like these weekly posts of yours, they give great tips on books art exhibitions and so on. :) plus I think that part where you reflect what has made you happy during the week is something everybody could do!

MindLess said...

@ Jade: It was really nice last year to read all those posts again and to remember all the happy things, so I can really recommend it! And thanks for the compliment... ^^