Monday, April 14, 2014

Shopping haul - Fabric and notions

The last week I went all out shopping-wise. I ordered notions and went fabric shopping with my friends in the Stoffecke in Münster. I know that this month still falls under the no shopping rules, but I'm allowed to buy stuff for WGT and most of the fabric is intented for this. Some of it (the ones with the flowers) are for my boyfriends mother who wants me to copy a comfy summer dress she owns. I was not sure which colour she would prefer, so I got both and will use the one she likes less for a dress for a wedding I have to attend in June. There are two more fabrics which I bought with no actual clothes in mind. I do not regret to buy them although I am not exactly allowed to buy them... But I still wanted to confess this here!

The fabrics in the first picture are all for WGT. I'd like to do another regency dress (and matching chemise) in white and the other two fabrics are for the pestilence outfit I have planned.

 photo IMG_5991_zpsb7dd4730.jpg

These are the fabrics for my boyfriend's mother and the two I just liked. 1 meter of psychedelic jersey and 1.5 meters of navy and white striped cotton sateen:

 photo IMG_5994_zps827ad862.jpg

The last things I bought were new sergers cones (where else can you find Gütermann cones for 2 Euros?), a little bit of fake fur which is so incredibly soft I could not leave it behind and 20 buttons for a blouse:

 photo IMG_5996_zps0b7a69a5.jpg

The fabrics are currently being washed and dried but they will soon return to this blog!

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