Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Psychodelic shirt 2

To really use up all of this fabric at once, I had to piece it a bit. I used all of the remnants, the only leftovers were something around 10cm²... As I knew the amount if fabric was limited, I decided to go without sleeves. I had New Look pattern 6569 in my stash, so I used this. Instead of using elastic bias tape, I made fake bias tape from the actual fabric:

 photo IMG_6017_zps3eefe562.jpg

 photo IMG_6019_zps0824f999.jpg

Again, the seams are made with two different threads. You did not really think I would re thread more than necessary, right?!

  photo IMG_6018_zpsdee9f580.jpg

I really like how the piecing is nearly hidden in the wild print (it is right on the belly in the fron part of the shirt ;) ). I'm not so sure about the ruching in front - it does make me ample bosoms really pop. Well, I think the pattern is distracting enough!

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