Monday, April 28, 2014

Psychodelic shirt 1

You may remember the rather colourful and slightly psychodelic jersey I bought in Münster recently? I already turned it into two shirts. It was nice enough to test two patterns and might even be worn if I'm particularly brave. Well, at least I hope so!

The first shirt was made with New Look pattern 6813. I used view C before unsuccessfully with a large gaping neckline and a not very flattering pattern of the fabric. Well, sometimes thing just don't turn out as envisioned! This time I made view A and it looks and fits great.

 photo IMG_6021_zps3688de52.jpg

 photo IMG_6020_zpsc7d32703.jpg

Since I was short on fabric andnot sure how the bright colours look against my skin, I decided for the safe route and used black jeres from my stash for the neckline. One nice detail (that probably no one will ever notice which is why I show it here on this blog) is the twin seams I made with two different matching threads:

 photo IMG_6022_zps277d2391.jpg

The funny thing is that my boyfriend did not show the slightest objection to them. Usually he has good style, so maybe the shirt is cool. Or not, I'm not sure...


Vulcan_Butterfly said...

I think the fabric is awesome!

Neisella Nightmare said...

Krasses Muster oO

MindLess said...

@ Vulcan_Butterfly: You do? I think it is awesome on the verge of crazy. Do you know what I mean?

@ Neisi: Ich bin mir immer noch nicht sicher, ob ich ihn cool oder schrecklich finde. Aber jetzt habe ich 2 Shirts daraus...