Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Fabric balance sheet 4/2014

This month I bought a lot of fabric. While still on a shopping hiatus. Let's just say, my balance doesn't look good:

  • 4m black thin cotton
  • 2m black georgette
  • 2m white cotton
  • 2m white georgette
  • 1m psychodelic jersey
  • 2m navy and white striped cotton satin
  • 5m flower cotton satin (2m +3m in different colourways)
  • 3m green taffeta
  • 3m thin wool suiting fabric
  • 5m black organdy
  • 3m black and silver brocade
total damage: 32 m fabric

Outgoing (only counting finished projects):
  • 1m psychodelic jersey for 2 tops
  • 4m black thin cotton for chemise and underpants
  • 3m grey cotton for the underskirt
  • 3m of various fabrics for Easter present baskets I forgot to take pictures of
  • 1m black and red taffeta for a table runner for my mum
  • 2,5m of various fabrics for the finally finished fall tornure waistcoat
to the rescue: 14,5 m fabric

initial stash: 95,25m + 32m - 14.5 m = 112,75m (+17,5m) fabric in my stash this month

Oh no! As I said, not a good month for my stash reduction project... Let's hope May is better for my fabric balance as there are several larger projects for WGT on my to do list :)

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