Thursday, March 27, 2014

WGT 2013 - Boyfriend's jacket - better late than never!

When I convinced my boyfriend that I needed pictures of the Gala nocturna jacket, I also asked him for pictures of the rest of the stuff I sewed for him. So I can proudly present you - with less than a year after the event ^^- my pretty boyfriend and the first jacket I sewed for him! By the way, thanks for my awesome boyfriend for modeling and taking most of the pictures himself. Due to public demand, I also varried the "face cover" that helps him staying anonymous on my blog. If you have additional request for pretty/sexy/simply amazing cover ups, just tell me! ;)

 photo Praumlsentation1_zpsecbfd4e3.jpg
 photo Folie4_zps6395e626.jpg

 photo IMG_0292_zps6e094bef.jpg

I used the pattern Simplicity 2333 for which we made this mock up. The only changes we made were to lengthen the sleeves and the coat tails. I also made the pockets functional because I don't think that useless pockets should be sewn at all. The fabric (upper and lining) and the buttons were again chosen by him as with the Gala jacket. I have to admit, this guy has style!

 photo IMG_5969_zps712fb65c.jpg

I did manage to take some in progress shoots of the organdy I used to strengthen the back and the shoulder pads I sewed in by hand:

 photo ST831687_zps4b847a85.jpg

 photo ST831690_zps81283ba5.jpg

I also made some detail shots with higher contrast so you can marvel at the buttons:

 photo IMG_5963_zps5c2f63ed.jpg

 photo IMG_5964_zps24e1a805.jpg

 photo IMG_5965_zpsf2f39c9d.jpg


ette said...

Sehr schick und steht ihm wirklich gut. Ging es denn vom Schwierigkeitsfaktor? Herrenschneiderei soll ja doch nochmal ne ganz andere Liga sein, ist nicht umsonst ein separater Ausbildungsberuf.
Ich scheu mich bis heute, die Weste anzufangen, die ich meiner besseren Hälfte noch schulde, dabei liegt der Stoff seit Jahren im Schrank.
lg ette

MindLess said...

@ ette: Naja, es gab ja eine Anleitung (die ich wie immer größtenteils ignoriert habe). Es sind ein paar Anfägerfehler drin -mehr Versteifung des Stoffes, Verarbeitung der Knopfleiste...- aber es passt und sieht ganz gut aus. Ich würde sagen: Wer ein Korsett kann, kann auch einen Gehrock! Und Westen sind definitiv einfacher, daran wage ich mich als nächstes!

Vulcan_Butterfly said...

Very nicely done!

I think you should put a cat head on him next time ;)

MindLess said...

@ Vulcan_Butterfly: I'll do my very best!