Friday, March 28, 2014

Week in Review 13/2014

What did I see?
I saw the movie "Ender's Game" which is about yet another dystopian world where insectoid aliens invaded the earth and could only be forced back by one single hero. This plays some years after the first war and humans started recruiting children for their space warfare as they have better reaction times and reflexes. Good movie with kind of surprising end. Go watch it!

What did I listen to?
Sweeney Todd "The contest"

What did I ask myself?
How can I get back into gear?

What did I read?
I finished "Dodger" by Terry Pratchett and loved every word of it. Highly recommended! And now I read "Make the bread, buy the butter" by Jennifer Reese, who uses her unemployment to test out which things you should cook/buy yourself and which should better be left for professionals. A really nice read which has been on my list for quite some time!

What did I work on?
The same d*mned shirt because it is really f*cking up my serger! Sorry for the harsh words, but I had to re-thread 5 times. No fun!

I was happy about...
My lovely boyfriend who supports me so much all the time! <3 br="">

I was annoyed about...
My lack of motivation. Still working on that one...

I bought...
3 books and some (junk) food.


Ms Misantropia said...

I have just been catching up on your blog since I've been away, and I'm very impressed by your sewing projects!

MindLess said...

@ Ms Misantropia: Thanks! I'm really happy about avid readers and commenters like you!