Friday, March 7, 2014

Week in review 10/2014

What did I see?
My boyfriend and I watched a movie in the cinema this week: "300 Rise of an Empire". It was okay, but far worse than the first movie 300. The animations were great, but the actors were not really convincing and the story was naught. I liked the clothes Artemisia wears, though!

I also stumbled upon a new artist which I really liked: Christian Schloe

What did I listen to?
Nothing. Not even much on the radio. My world is pretty quiet right now!

What did I ask myself?
Do I need to deprive myself to know who I am?

What did I read?
I finished "Under the never Sky"  the first part of the series and really liked it. Although it is kind of obvious that both main characters will fall in love with each others, the love story is not forced down your thraot but seems likely. The characters develop and actually change and all motvations for their actions are understandable. Add in a cool alternative earth scenario and you get me hooked! I'm now on to the second novel called "Through the never night", also by veronika Rossi.

What did I work on?
As last week, the jacket for my lovely boyfriend and some matching pants.I have major motivational problems when it comes to sewing right now. I don't even know why!

I was happy about...
Gala Nocturna, tomorrow!

I was annoyed about...
Not getting my lazy a*s to the sewing machine, I need to be more strict with myself...

I bought...
6 plastic storage containers, movie tickets and the full series "Dark Angel" which I loved during my teenage years!


Ms Misantropia said...

Beautiful pictures.

MindLess said...

@ Ms Misantropia: Thanks!